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Kids and Families at Colourfest

Our new venue in 2017 means the whole site plan is changing.  We are developing an amazing children’s area around the outside swimming pool.

See below our growing list of children’s fun and activities

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kids area
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Treehouse Theatre

The Treehouse Theatre Kids Area caters for kids of all ages, and creates opportunities for children to make friends and try new skills, and to be creative and imaginative in a non-judgmental environment. They also provide spaces and activities for children and adults to play together and strengthen bonds.

Treehouse Kids Area ethos

To provide a space

  • Where the activities are designed to boost children’s self esteem and confidence, and to promote an environment of caring for each other and working together to achieve a goal
  • Where children can express their creativity and try new skills without fear of failure
  • Where children can meet each other, make new friends and play together in a caring and creative environment
  • Where children can explore their spirituality in a variety of ways
  • Where parents can play alongside their children and reconnect
  • Where children can be themselves without being judged.

.About Treehouse Theatre

We’re a Children’s Theatre company who mostly work in schools and pre-schools around Dorset and Hampshire. We specialise in interactive theatre, and have a particular love for the juicy bits of history and great story- telling.

Working at events and festivals is fantastic opportunity to give children the freedom to be creative on their own terms. As well as Colourfest, this summer we’re performing at Buddhafield, Camp Bestival and Bestival.


Immerse yourself in the Project of the Day, learn a new skill, make new friends and meet up with old ones, make something cool to take home, play and relax in an interesting and creative space.

On Friday, help us turn the Kids Area into an enchanted space

Get your Creative Hats on….it’s a Making Day!

Throughout the day join in with workshops to make decorations and structures to decorate the kids area

In the Kids Tunnel we will be creating a Land of 1000 Faces, a Theatre Space and a Pop Up Art Gallery

Join our Lantern workshop to make colourful lights to bring the Kids Tunnel to life after dark.

Share your willow skills – we have a huge pile of willow with which to create a Den for everyone to enjoy over the weekend. Will it be like a Tipi? Or a Archway? Or a Maze?…It’s up to you!

We need to make the structure, weave its walls to create a cozy space inside, and make it beautiful.


On Saturday, come and be part of the Colourfest Kids Theatre

We are turning the simple story ‘Jambhala’ into a brand new play….in just a few hours!

‘Jambhala’ means wealth in Hindi, and has about 20 meanings.

The story is about love, friendship, family, home, and one child’s quest to find his place in the world.

We need YOU!

Not just kids who’d like to act in the show, but kids with great ideas, kids who can dance or sing, or have some other talent to share, kids who can design scenery and amazing props and costumes…and make them!

At the end of the afternoon we’ll perform our new play!


On Sunday, strut your stuff in the Colourfest Kids Talent Show

Everyone is good at something, and we’d love to see what you can do!

Anything goes – dancing, gym, telling jokes or a funny story, music, singing…

Whether it’s on your own or with your friends, we want to see it!!

Don’t forget to bring your fan club to watch the show.

Its a whole day project, so join the backstage crew on Sunday morning to make it happen: build and decorate a stage, create yourself a costume, make bunting, posters and leaflets.

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Creative Kids2
Creative Kids Shadow Puppet 3
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Creative Kids

Creative Kids is an Award Winning Charity based in Dorset and was founded in May 2008 by Social Entrepreneur, Cary Lightfoot. The children’s organisation became a registered charity in January 2009 and is run by three Trustees, Julie Squire, Rachel Pashley and Cary Lightfoot. Our vision is a society that invests in its children’s creativity; where all children are given free access to the arts so they can realise their creative potential and are inspired to build for themselves a vibrant, diverse and connected community.

To accomplish our vision, we work with volunteers and artists to produce both free and affordable creative events that encourage children’s participation and engagement with the arts. We are passionate about our work and love to explore new and emerging technologies to create, record and share our arts journeys. We aim to inspire young imaginations, nurture self-belief and create unforgettable experiences that children can draw upon as they grow into young adults.

At Colourfest this year we have created a fantastic programme for you. The schedule will be posted soon to give you the full idea of the projects and fun that await…. Watch this space.

Nandan & child

Nature Mandala

Living Nature Mandala.

Join us, (Nandan and Esther) and be part of a living, evolving nature mandala. We will provide a range of leaves, petals and other gifts from nature or be inspired to gather your own from this wonderful site. Our mandala will grow over the duration of the festival.  Everyone is welcome to participate either during our workshop or during anytime of the festival to add their love in the form of nature art.

Watch the magic unfold.


Jocasta Crofts

“Kids yoga is fun and invites our children into a space of well being. We will learn yoga poses through playing games and telling stories. I like to offer the children some breathing exercises, some quiet introspective moments, some high energy practice mixed with movement, some partner work, a bit of anatomy and some resting time at the end. Kids are welcome from age 4 – 11, parent can also join in too.”

Jocasta Crofts is a trained Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME), Somatic Movement Educator (SME), Infant Massage Educator, Professional dance artist, qualified Yoga teacher and a qualified & practising massage therapist/healer. She also teaches Kids yoga and a dance form called Contact Improvisation. She is also a dancer and a mover.


Family Yoga and Dance with Sofia Bolton

I am a full time hatha yoga teacher with 8 years teaching experience.  I hold yoga practices for adults and children. I feel blessed to be able to work with children and their whole family, specialising in 1:1 yoga therapy for children with special needs. I love to move on and off the yoga matt. Facilitating Dancing Freedom sessions since 2014 has allowed me to play to take yoga off the matt and offer a space where people can release mental and physical tensions to help relax the nervous system for clarity of mind, heart and body.  I am grateful to the flexibility and strength that my yoga practice has brought me and to have always known the freedom in my body to dance unselfconsciously.  It’s a passion of mine to inspire this freedom in others, just like how a small child moves.

Family Yoga and Dance is a facilitated safe space to let loose with your family for some serious fun!!  The set up allows you to be ‘you’ with some playful embodied yoga, games and moving meditation dance called Dancing Freedom.  Altogether this session is inspired by the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.  Expect to leave feeling energized and calm, having forged stronger bonds between you and your truth, and you and your family!

It’s an inclusive space for all ages and abilities.  The potency in these events comes from the younger members of the family!  They act as a precious reminder that shaking our feathers, without shame or embarrassment, is where we feel most alive!  Whether we are a child, a teen or an adult the magic of our inner little person is celebrated here!

www.yogasophie.co.uk  07903342652

Yoga practitioner for children of all abilitiesConscious DJ/Ecstatic dance Facilitator

Relax Kids
Relax Kids 2

Relax Kids

Katie Daly is a coach with Relax Kids Dorset and Breathing Space Dorset.

Alongside running relaxation classes for kids, I am a mum of 3 young children and a qualified teacher.  I have a keen interest in mindfulness, holistic approaches and animal and environment welfare.  I trained to become a Relax Kids coach in 2012.  Having completed a mindfulness course I was looking for positive resources/books that would help my daughter with her transition to starting first school.  When I came across the Relax Kids not only did it resonate with me as a parent but as a teacher too.  This was the element I felt was missing so much within the school curriculum; personally I feel Relax Kids or similar should be the basis for every behavioural policy in any education establishment.

Finding out I could also train to become a Relax Kids coach was a Eureka moment for me; I knew I still wanted to work with children but not in a school teacher capacity. I knew I wanted to help children gain the tools and techniques to help with their emotional wellbeing, therefore helping them to flourish as their lives unfold.  Interestingly, this became even more apparent when I tutored children in the early part of my maternity leave.  Here I felt I was not only teaching maths/literacy skills but repairing the damage and self-esteem of these young individuals who already felt like they were failing in life because of the academic pressure put on them at such a young age.

Forward 5 years and Breathing Space Dorset (formerly Relax Kids Dorset) is going from strength to strength.  People from all backgrounds are now slowly seeing the benefits of mindfulness, relaxation, breathing techniques, yoga, positive affirmations and self-belief for good mental health.

Within the classes we follow a unique 7 step programme; move, play, stretch, feel, breathe, believe and relax.  The class takes you from high energy to deep relaxation.  Each class is age appropriate; Little Stars – preschool age, Magical Adventures (fun themed classes) – ages 5 to 9/10, Chill Skills – tweens and teens, Just Relax – late teens/adults.

I have seen first-hand how amazing Relax Kids is for children; through my own kiddies, running Relax Kids sessions privately, as 1:1’s and within schools and guiding groups, tutoring and running regular parenting and holiday workshops.

I am HUGELY excited to have the opportunity to run family Relax Kids sessions at Colourfest this year.

In the meantime if would like to learn more about Relax Kids or you are interested in your child attending a Relax Kids class please do drop me a line. Alongside the weekly classes I offer 1:1 sessions, Relax Kids birthday parties, Just Relax adult classes and courses for schools and preschools.

I have a Relax Kids Dorset video which is a great insight into my classes and a very active Facebook page, where you can find out about the latest classes and workshops on offer. Please find the links below.

Relax Kids class video – https://youtu.be/ML13V1R93Kw

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RelaxKidsDorset/

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Moon Studio Ceramics
Moon Studio Ceramics2
Kids @ Colourfest

Moon Studio Ceramics

Moon Studio Ceramics was founded in 2015 by artist Imogen Charleston.  From her studio in Christchurch Imogen provides classes for adults, school groups and families. These hands on practical classes will enable you to make everything yourself, from scratch. Classes are designed to encourage creativity and nurture self development through art practice.


The most valuable tools we have are our hands and our imagination! This year at Pop Up Pottery we have a variety of activities to explore and inspire each day. Help us to create the land of 1000 faces, and see this collaborative installation grow over the course of the weekend. Or come along to our drop in clay workshops where you can sculpt your own animal totem or hamsa hand to take home. 

We will also be offering the chance to experience throwing on the potters wheel. Everyone is welcome.

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