Kirtan & Sacred Sound

There is no room for logic inside this space.  Prepare to meet the vulnerable strength and the sweet surrender.  Come sing. Come chant.  Come melt in the heart.

shekin ashram

Offerings with Elahn & Gisela

This year invites depth in ceremony in the heart through Vedic Fire ceremonies, Despacho, Kirtan and Yoga.

More coming soon

For the last 11 years or so Elahn Keshava & Radhe (Gisela Lirusso) have been running Shekinashram the much loved devotional sanctuary and Bhakti Yoga ashram in Glastonbury.   The ashram is dedicated to inspiring others by sharing the astonishingly sweet nectar of devotional life.

Having spent many years running daily and weekly programmes, and retreats introducing people to the different facets Bhakti Yoga, Elahn & Radhe, along with their young daughter Tulsi, travel when possible to share the journey of bhakti sadhana.  Principally using the medium of kirtan and sacred storytelling to share some of the age old secrets and wisdom of the sages from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, they have become well known for both their soft ambient moods of devotional chanting and ecstatic high energy kirtans.   This year they will mostly be joined by David Oliver on drums and Emily Willmott on percussion as well as other friends, and extend a very warm invitation to everyone to join them on this beautiful and inspiring pilgrimage to the Heart of the Beloved.


Isabel Cressy (Indira Devi Dasi)

Isabel invites you to bathe in the sweet nectar of Devotional Love through the union of our heartfelt voices.  She has been playing music for over 25 years, working extensively in theatre and street performance before encountering Bhakti Yoga and the practise of Kirtan in 2013. Deeply moved, she began leading Kirtan sessions whilst living at Shekinashram in Glastonbury. As her internal journey deepens, so does her desire to share the beauty and intimacy of this practise of loving devotion through Kirtan.


Saadho Kirtan

Saadho Kirtan

Saadho is an ever evolving collective of friends walking together on the path of inner knowing, loving and blossoming. It is a collective that helps each other stay consistently authentic and intense in their relentless search to find their true nature, the nature of the cosmos. Saadho has small bases in Dharamshala (India) & London (UK), but the friends of Saadho are wide spread across India, Europe and Singapore etc.
Saadho kirtan are Sangha friends who have set out to establish themselves in the stillness and silence within through the medium of sound. Our collaborations extend to the UK, Europe and India, with some friends bringing their musical skills from past professions, while others pouring out of an undefinable but deep and heartful connect with music and sacred sound.
Kirtans (devotional singing and mantra chanting) for them is a joyous expression to invoke deep feelings of pure un-coloured divine love & remembrance, of gratitude & prayerfulness, of celebration and ecstasy. They also experiment with powerful meditations on sound; which brings deeper healing and allows us to experience spaces of silence, hidden deep in our beings.


Bhanu has had a deep passion and connection with sound since attending a one day sound workshop in 2008. This connection led him to study a Diploma course with the British Academy of Sound Therapists (BAST) in the UK, and qualified in 2011. His journey with BAST invited him onto the path of self-inquiry, particularly when playing instruments, as each instrument may highlight a resonance, an emotion or resistance within the body, and through working with case study clients, identified a wide variety of relaxation and profound healing experiences within his clients. Bhanu went on to study Gong, Drum and Mantra therapy with BAST and travelled to Switzerland and California to study with the Tama Do Academy of sound, colour and movement. This added tuning forks, colour silks, essences and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory into his therapy practice, along with Qi Gong movements as a personal daily practice. In 2011 Bhanu qualified as an IY yoga teacher and now runs yoga classes in his home town of Ellesmere in Shropshire along with yoga and sound workshops, soundbaths, gongbaths, 1-1 therapies and retreats in Shropshire and Dorset. Bhanu loves to help others and invites you to join him on his journey as he spreads the awareness of yoga and sound with others.


More Coming Soon as artists confirm


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