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Colourfest Welcomes for 2020

We are currently in conversation with some amazing artists, medicine singers and bands from all over and will add them as confirmations come in.

Omer Makessa

Omer Makessa

Omer is a Master Percussionist, experienced performer, singer, songs writer from Martinique in the Caribbean Island with a vibrant multicultural music scene. Omer is grow up in a musical family. Introduced to music by is father from a young age An accomplished with an extensive knolegde of African, Latin and Caribbean style Omer fuse these styles in his own composition ” In my music, one can hear the influence from the beautiful Island of my origine with is complex history”

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Bob Hillary & the Massive Mellow

Bob is a folk Singer-songwriter who makes music that is Earthy, funky & positive, with a strong World music influence.

He is a passionate advocate of the ‘Live Simply’ movement that is currently spreading around the Globe, & is a keen practitioner of Yoga, Meditation and living naturally. He is actively engaged in bringing about much-needed change to outdated systems in the World, & his songs have this message running strongly through them.

Having previously lived in a busy city for 10 years working the 9-5 lifestyle & fronting World Roots band THE RUFFNESS in the evenings, Bob experienced serious health issues in the form of M.E, and was forced to change how he lived. He moved out of the city to a rural farm, & was forced to confront how he was living.

Gradually over 3 years, he built his health up again, learning tools like Meditation, the practice of Yoga, & Organic food – and in particular found solace in re-immersing himself in his musical roots. This time coming from a Slower -but surer- place.




Ruth Blake

Introspective and multi-faceted, singer-songwriter-guitarist Ruth Blake blends the numinous with the oh-so-very-human, dancing between hypnotic guitar riffs and tender poetry with rambunctious offbeat grooves and playful wordsmithery.

She has crowdfunded and released two albums of her own, Lullabies for Grownups (2015) and Creation (2018) and performed at various festivals including Shambala, Colorfest and Into the Wild. She is also a member of the Music as Medicine collective and Brightsky Community, and has recently been lending her voice to the works of fellow artists emerging on the ‘music medicine’ scene, including those of James Frost, Eddie Chilvers and Manchester’s dark-funk ensemble, Caulbearers.

Rich with symbol and story-telling, her lyrical journeys gift us with bountiful ‘aha!’ moments as we break to the surface of profound understanding before plunging back into the depths of mystery and paradox. Her beguiling combination of sweetness, authenticity and strength make her the type of artist that you  can’t resist falling head over heels in love with.


Georgia Palmer

Georgia Palmer is a travelling creative from North Devon. Her music tells tales of the world of the self, and adventures to lands within and without. Her passion for embodied presence and vulnerability can be felt as she aims to bridge the gap between song and listener with honest words, moving melodies and raw heart! Playing her original music at only select events, be sure not to miss this momentary musical journey.


“Ive always loved how music takes me to a place of non-being. A place where my mind is quiet and my heart is open, where I can drop in and connect to myself and a song. My aim is to embody the music, in a way bridging the gap between the song and the listener which allows them to feel the song as deeply as I do, and become the ‘translator’ for what I like to think as the language of the gods. It is my passion to share music with others and to take people on a journey through themselves using the sound.”

Kez Hinton

Kez Hinton is a singer songwriter from the New Forest popular on the south coast music scene, passionate about live music and connecting with his audience. Creating a dynamic and enchanting blend of uplifting, heartfelt fresh acoustic folk and drawing on traditional, contemporary and world music influences, Kez weaves his own original compositions into a musical tapestry as well as bringing fresh life to traditional Celtic and English songs.

Recently rated No.1 in Bournemouth’s Folk Charts, Kez has been featured on radio station Hope FM, organizes and hosts live music events including Ringwood Unplugged, is currently recording his new album and plays many festivals, venues and community events across the south coast and beyond.

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India Blue

Have you ever heard the music of the faeries? Gentle harp sounds with enchanting song. India Blue shares alt-folk music channeling the spirit of the fae. With poetic lyrics inspired by nature, magic and spirituality, and a haunting voice, many listeners describe of being ‘transported to another realm.’ Floating all year from field to festival, India’s music has captivated the hearts and imagination of humans (and other magic beings) young and old.


Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Victor Chetcuti

Victor has been with us from the beginning and his intimate sets around the fire have been some of the most memorable.  We’re very glad he keeps coming back.  Very honored to welcome him back this year.

‘My inspiration comes from life and to me one of the most magical and amazing gifts is love, (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) So, I guess most of my songs are of a romantic nature. They are all felt as well as sung. A song can capture special moments in life which help us remember them when we hear the song later on. It would be nice to think that I could make a song that would fit a memory and that could bring some kind of pleasure to the world (what a nice thought), something that could remain even if I’ve passed on. This is what inspires me. There are some things that can never be captured by words, but feelings are the key.’

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