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Colourfest Welcomes for 2018

We are currently in conversation with some amazing artists, medicine singers and bands from all over and will add them as confirmations come in.

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe


Glowglobes are the fabulous acoustic duo, featuring John Holmes on vocals and guitar & Laura Pocket on the double bass, harmonica and vocals… Old Larmer Tree favourites… Their sound could be likened to gypsy-jazzish-folky-pop… But Glowglobes are most famous for their beautiful vocal harmonies- with odd bits of French. Capable of conjuring a ‘throw your knickers in the air with glee’ fun-loving vibe, as well as a more tragical, but always delectable ‘face wet wet wet with tears’ vibe of deeply felt feelings… In either case, expect majestic, intelligent high quality songs presented with authenticity.
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe


Skedaddle is made up of professional musicians with many years of performing experience behind them.  We draw inspiration from a rich history of amazingly talented musicians who wrote great tunes that have stood the test of time.

A lot of our material is based on New Orleans jazz from the early 1900s.  Legends such as Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan, Fats Waller, Bessie Smith and Louis Prima all wrote and performed incredible tunes, and we have the good fortune to share this joyful music with audiences today.

We also draw inspiration from gypsy jazz greats such as Django Reinhardt, and an eclectic mix of klezmer and Balkan gypsy songs and dances.





Omer Makessa

Omer is a Master Percussionist, experienced performer, singer, songs writer from Martinique in the Caribbean Island with a vibrant multicultural music scene. Omer is grow up in a musical family. Introduced to music by is father from a young age An accomplished with an extensive knolegde of African, Latin and Caribbean style Omer fuse these styles in his own composition ” In my music, one can hear the influence from the beautiful Island of my origine with is complex history”

contact through FB


Music @ the Colourfest Cafe
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Caitlin Barrett & Paul O’Neill

Caitlin and Paul joined forces in 2007 and started successful Celtic folk rock band, Roving Crows. Since then they have played all over the UK and France with the band, launched 4 albums and won national and international awards including:

Nominated for Best Album – FolkWords Album Awards 2018.

International Artist of the Year – Australian Celtic Music Awards 2017

Band of the Year – FATEA Music Awards 2014

Best Live Act – Spiral Earth Music Awards 2014

Top Fiddle Player – Irish Music Awards 2012

As well as continuing with the Crows, the pair have gone back to their roots this year as a dynamic duo; fiddle, guitar and vocals, playing country folk. Their lyrics give insight into their social conscience and their tunes will lift you up.



Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

James Southwick

‘Drop into the story of the human heart and meet me there.’

James Southwick is a self-taught pianist & composer based in the UK who since childhood has sought to express musically what moves deep within us all and find connection with others in that emotional space.

Oftentimes reflective, sometimes melancholic, James’s playing always offers a musical adventure into the soul. Audiences have made comparisons with Ludovico Einaudi, Ólafur Arnalds, Nitin Sawhney amongst others.

In 2016 he released his debut album “Running Around A Hill.”

From the first touch of the keys he invites you to take a moment, listen, drop into yourself and come home.

“He brings pure magic…he is nothing short of amazing.” – Tom Fortes Mayer, Freemind Project

“Exceptional piano skills.” –







Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Rob Forest


Rob Forest is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter based in Devon, England.

Writing with a deep love for the natural world and sharing a voice that is filled with gratitude and grief, Rob draws you right into the heart of his songs, feeling both the urgency and simplicity of their message; that all life is an awesome and exquisite experience of relationship.



Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Daisy Bowman

Daisy Bowman is a Southampton based singer-song writer.

After years of studying somewhat chaotically to work as a doctor, she realised that she had forgotten to pay attention to her true desire to create and express musically. 
Since then, she’s started to write and play songs which are close to her intense, yet heartfelt experience of life.

Sometimes she sings alone but prefers it when she’s joined by her friends on a variety of western and Indian instruments.

Though still only new to the stage side of live music, she endeavours to create an experience which is intimate and inclusive rather than overly performance oriented.

Her songs are influenced by folk, blues and jazz as well as urban and Indian music.


Music @ the Colourfest Cafe
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe


ArHai    The word ‘Arhai’ (pronounced with H) has a Greek root, and can be interpreted as ‘beginning’, ‘an- cient’ or ‘principle’. It sums up in one word all that the band’s music is: rethinking tradition through technology and the eyes of a modern world

Rooted deep in traditional song, originally probably sung raw and rough by village women at work, Arhai’s skill is to bring this music to a contemporary audience, slipped in unawares. If the term Balkan Folktronica doesn’t capture the breadth of their sound, which absorbs in- uences from as far as India and Turkey, Se- phardic Ladino, Renaissance and Irish music, it’s probably one that’ll stick. But far from be- ing a ‘copy n’ paste’ a air, Arhai make organic, carefully crafted real music, where selective sampling and electronic e ects drawn from the toolbox of skills that Jovana has built up in the course of her studies in sonic arts, nd a natural place alongside the traditions they draw from. Unlike the minimal eld-recording-meets-stu- dio-engineer approach, in Arhai there is always Adrian’s achingly beautiful tambura and the haunting voice-that-is-a-real-person of Jovana to ground them as a real band – proved in their live performances as a duo with laptopped tracking and real-time manipulation, complimented by visuals created by Italian VJ Massimo Macchu- it for a multimedia, all-enveloping experience.

…. ‘the band should be on the way to conquer the European world music market … really is a Balkan Mantra!’

FolkWorld Magazine

‘Jovana Backovic’s vocals are superb, and both her and Adrian Lever’s musicianship are outstanding’. “ethereal, almost otherworldly attraction….simply irresistible.”

Rainlore World

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Susie Ro

Susie’s uplifting heart songs and soulful, original medicine music seems to inspire a sense of joy where ever she goes. Susie tours internationally with her harmony singing workshops and beautiful songs on guitar, connecting with the global light family, and ancient traditions of the world, and weaving what she learns into a stream of free-flowing music to awaken the heart. This year she will be releasing the 2-year project of her Debut Album ‘Song of a Thousand Leaves’. Don’t be surprised if Susie gets the whole audience singing in harmony together! 

Georgia Palmer

Bio: Georgia Palmer is an singer- songwriter from North Devon playing an eclectic mix of spiritual folk music. Her songs take you on a journey into yourself and create an atmosphere of reflection, whilst lifting you to a space of heart-felt connection. She has been playing across the UK conscious festival scene for 4 years and is set to release her first album this spring. Ranging from haunting and melodic folk to upbeat jazzy feel-goods, you are bound to find something you like amongst her ranged set list. Atmospheric and enchanting, reminiscent and evocative.
Glenn & The Creeks

Glenn & The Creeks

Glenn Ross has been writing and performing songs for over 20 years  at folk clubs and festivals both here and abroad. Several of his songs have been played on local and national radio stations via BBC Introducing and via internet stations.

In 2013 he was joined by violinist Stefan Defilet and cellist Nick Squires, both ex students of the Royal London School of music and current members of the Alani String Quartet.

They provide the perfect accompaniment to his songs fusing Folk with Classical to give a unique and memorable sound

They have played the main stage at both Purbeck Folk Festival and Wimborne Folk Festival and are becoming well known on the folk circuit.

Songs from their first album Strings on Wood can be heard at,

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Wendy Jane

Wendy Jane formerly of the ‘The Morrows’ folk duo has gone solo and has taken the archaic sound of the folk world and combined it with modern and world influences. She has been collaborating with world musicians to find new ways to express the issues close to her heart such as the refugee crisis, climate and women’s rights. She uses harp, flutes, guitar, shruti box, percussion and piano to accompany her ‘haunting’ (folkroots) vocals and to bring something of the gentle feminine to the audience. Lie back, be soothed, be moved…

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Ruth Blake

Ethereal songstress Ruth Blake carries her audiences on powerful wings across lyrical skies, through ever-changing landscapes that prise open our hearts, connecting us to our most intimate pains and joys. In one moment simple, hypnotic guitar riffs and crystalline vocal melodies lead us open-eyed into the darkness of the void; at another her wild spirit calls our human community to unite with rousing lyrics for this time in history – inspiring us to return to the truth of the heart.

Having tentatively begun performing solo in the Autumn of 2014 with just 3 of her own songs; Ruth then wrote, crowd-funded, and recorded her debut album, ‘Lullabies for Grown-Ups’ in a flurry of inspiration, releasing it just 14 months later on the Winter Solstice of 2015.

Ruth has engaged with various indigenous and contemporary healing traditions over the years to explore the deepest nature of her human experience and our interconnectedness with the  great web of life. Her music has been born out of her own healing journey and has become her most cherished medicine. As well as her own music, she occasionally also performs sacred songs and mantras from around the world.

She has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Nessi Gomes and Ayla Nereo; sharing their direction towards spiritual freedom and sacred connection through music… with her newer material adding flavours of Florence and the Machine and Portishead.

Through blazing fire and icy waters, flirting with the clouds in their mischief, or plunging deep into the beating heart of the earth… wherever she takes us, we can trust that she will always lead us home.

Web links:
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Kez Hinton

Kez Hinton is a singer songwriter from the New Forest popular on the south coast music scene, passionate about live music and connecting with his audience. Creating a dynamic and enchanting blend of uplifting, heartfelt fresh acoustic folk and drawing on traditional, contemporary and world music influences, Kez weaves his own original compositions into a musical tapestry as well as bringing fresh life to traditional Celtic and English songs.

Recently rated No.1 in Bournemouth’s Folk Charts, Kez has been featured on radio station Hope FM, organizes and hosts live music events including Ringwood Unplugged, is currently recording his new album and plays many festivals, venues and community events across the south coast and beyond.

Social Media / Website Links 

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Magdalena Atkinson


Magdalena Atkinson – a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, yogini, mother and a dreamer….

She writes her own original music inspired by many different traditions, quests into life experiences, people and inner knowing. She is eclectic, she love expansion. She is blessed with a voice that shape-shifts according to the genre she is performing – she can be very gentle and lyrical or powerful and resonant!

“Magdalena’s songs ebb and flow through the core of the spiritual heart bringing healing to the unrested mind and quells the vexatious spirits that knock on my door”
Steve Lee Glastonbury 107.1 FM Presenter of “The Drive-Thru”

Her first album, Beauty & Power, released in 2016, healed her from a deep fear of reaching for her dreams that had blocked her writing for 12 years. It is a gentle and spiritual album, with beautiful melodies and soulful lyrics.

In 2018 she is releasing her new album, Love & Light. This captures the transition between the old and the new.The lyrical romance of the past grows into a much stronger, positive and uplifting future. Each song reflects on how complex love & life can be. It is in her live performances that she started to show her new face. Love & Light is stronger and captivating but still deepening … perhaps this is something that you will see this time at Coloufest or in her next projects…



Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Victor Chetcuti

Victor has been with us from the beginning and his intimate sets around the fire have been some of the most memorable.  We’re very glad he keeps coming back.  Very honored to welcome him back this year.

‘My inspiration comes from life and to me one of the most magical and amazing gifts is love, (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) So, I guess most of my songs are of a romantic nature. They are all felt as well as sung. A song can capture special moments in life which help us remember them when we hear the song later on. It would be nice to think that I could make a song that would fit a memory and that could bring some kind of pleasure to the world (what a nice thought), something that could remain even if I’ve passed on. This is what inspires me. There are some things that can never be captured by words, but feelings are the key.’

Find more of his work here

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Magic Bird

Magic Bird is solo acoustic singer songwriter playing a 12 string guitar.  His songs are a tapestry of exciting rhythms and beautiful textures inspired by nature, Spirit and a passion for personal and global transformation.

Magic Bird live at Emerson College

Songs from his album Magic Bird can be heard at

Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Kachina Aimee

Kachina Aimee is a composer, singer and multi instrumentalist playing harp, piano, cello, flute and guitar. Inspired by her strongconnection to the natural world and other dimensions, Kachina’s voice has been described as \”resonant & pure\” and her unique sound as ethereal, Celtic and magical.”

Find Kachina here:

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