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Keep posted to see who is coming to share their gifts at the 2017 event.  We are chatting with many of the artists below to see if many of the amazing artists from the 2016 event who we received such amazing feedback will join us again.

Stay posted to see new artists to Colourfest 2017

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The Turbans

“The walls are made of songs and the floor dances” – Rumi

The Turbans is an international musical collective bringing together exciting traditional near-eastern and eastern-European styles and original compositions, to create a modern and energetic performance with reverence for its ancient roots.

Grown from the intertwining paths of intrepid musical adventurers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Italy, Greece and England, many of whom were already famous in their own countries, this extraordinary project has grown in a few years into a cult name on the international festival circuit. Its members have gathered from all over the world to perform in major concerts and festivals in India, China, Turkey, Europe + all over the UK.

The Turbans is independent and run by the musicians themselves, bringing music to the people, young and old alike, mixing vibrant spontaneity and authenticity with multi-genre instrumental and vocal excellence.

“We’ve created The Turbans, now all you have to do is dance!”


INDIAN AIR“ – WorldJazzTrio

Since his first awareness of Indian music and the sitar more than 20 years ago, the Austrian musician Klaus Falschlunger has become a master of the instrument and an active representative of the Indian-Musicscene  in Europe.

The whole emotional spectrum of the musician´s inner world comes alive in “INDIAN AIR”.

He is accompanied by Clemens Rofner on doublebass, and by the percussionist Tobias Steinberger on framedrums/ric/kanjira.

Growing up with jazz and rock music, he discovered in his extensive travels to Asia, the Middle East and Europe, more and more the diversity of music. Next to his love for Indian classical music, he composed and experimented with different formations. His creativity and versatility brought him together with many musicians and artists from India, Korea, USA and Europe.

Klaus Falschlunger(sitar), Tobias Steinberger(percussion/framedrums), Clemens Rofner(doublebass, bassukulele)
Carrie Tree
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Carrie Tree

Songs to feed the heart

Carrie Tree is a known name on the UK alternative/green festival scene. She has travelled through many parts of the world with her music, plays regularly in Europe, and toured/collaborated with the likes of Damien Rice, Fink, Albert Mazibuko from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Martha Tilston and Andy Barlow (Lamb). Carrie has co-produced and released two albums, The Kitchen Table and Home to the Invisible, with a third in the making this year. She enjoys playing both solo and with a band. For this tour Carrie is accompanied by Rowan Sterk on intricate world percussion and Sophia Efthimiou on weaving harmonies.

Carrie’s honesty and humour create a relaxed intimate setting. She touches a deep place in listeners with her thoughtful lyrics and soulful melodies. With a mesmerising voice and rhythmical fluid guitar,  she dives deep into acoustic folk soul.

          “It’s worth giving this your proper, undivided attention … it’s not the devil you’ll find in the details, but a real slice of the divine.”  Folk Radio

           “One of the most natural voices you may ever hear”    XYZ Magazine


Videos: my youtube channel:


The Dylema Collective

The Dylema Collective

Sweeet neo-spoken-soul. Dope-ass Funk. Multi-sensory killa-jazz. The kinda music that makes your brain and booty dance.

My name is DYLEMA. Dylema is an acronym for ‘Do you, let every man adapt’. It means to simply, find out who you are, do what you are called to do and every human alive will adapt to allow you to create or to help you further your creation. This name has so much meaning to my career as a spoken word artist and writer because it is really where my journey started. The name came as a result of a very tasking childhood. I was Born and raised in West Africa Nigeria, as a result my childhood involved an immersion into traditional African culture, religion, migration, bullying and some series of less than fortunate events.

In the midst of my early trials I was faced with a decision on whether to let others continue to run my life and be unhappy or whether to find myself and do what makes me happy. I of course chose the latter and have since converted my experiences into poetry.

I have written as far as I can remember however after migrating to the UK and experiencing some difficulties in speech and culture change I began to share my poetry at age 16. Through forms of rap songs which led to spoken word poetry.

Due to my story, I am a woman of the people. Here to inspire and to remind us all that we are more the same than different.



Fellow Ship

‘Fellow Ship’ is a trio of musicians, Michael, James and Matthew. Bringing together original compositions, traditional songs from Armenia, Zimbabwe and the British Isles, and medicine songs from the Americas, played on a host of instruments from around the world, the group evoke prayer, meditation and spirit through the mediums of song and sound.
PIDGYN in LAYAMA Yoga Center – Aix en Provence, FR


PIDGYN is the bird of sound spaces, which resonate with each and one of your body cells. Through the fusion of minimalism and improvisation with guitar, effects and organ pedals the artist creates unique soundscapes which could be referred to as ambient, chill-out or drone.
The musician is also accompanied by specially prepared visuals and lights enhancing the relaxing, meditative experience.

Last year he toured Germany, France and Poland, while promoting his improvisational album “Release”. This year he’s been playing yoga centers churches around Europe while getting ready to release his new EP album.

At Colourfest, PIDGYN will use his magic to enhance the unique atmosphere at various locations of the festival.


Rob Forest


Rob Forest is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter based in Devon, England.

Writing with a deep love for the natural world and sharing a voice that is filled with gratitude and grief, Rob draws you right into the heart of his songs, feeling both the urgency and simplicity of their message; that all life is an awesome and exquisite experience of relationship.



Stuart O’Connor4
Stuart O’Connor3

Stuart O’Connor

Stuart O’Connor has been full time touring internationally since 2006. He slowly built up a live rig which incorporated many instruments into the world of live looping. Since 2013 he has been touring with Asmara Cimignolo who has joined him round Europe.

With touring history of over 2000 shows (1000 of them outside the UK) Stuart has remained independent but hardworking sharing billings with Damien Rice, Billy Cobham, The Staves, Ocean Colour Scene, Mad Professor, Cocco (Japan), Little Bushman (New Zealand), Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Easy Star All Stars, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Ed Tudor Pole and …Chas & Dave. To name a few.



Colourfest Welcomes Back


OMNION (Tomas Reindl)

Omnion is one-man-self-looping orchestra by musician and composer Tomas Reindl, inspired by ancient musical traditions of east and west, using contempotary musical approaches and techniques. Besides of traditional instruments (tabla, didjeridu, ancient clarinet) and human voice (overtone singing, beatbox, or gregorian chant style), Omnion uses technology of advanced „real-time looping“ system which gives possibility of creating multiple-layer musical structures, beats or ambient soundscapes.

Tomáš Reindl: tabla, didjeridu, vocal, overtone singing, beat-box, kanjira,

ancient-clarinet, blues harmonica, koncovka flute, realtime looping

Tomáš Reindl

composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player. In his compositions Tomas likes to cross genre barriers and limitations. He is often drawing inspiration from eastern and western ancient musical cultures and spiritual music, as well as taking advantage of modern techniques and electronics. He is also composing original music for film and theatre.




ArHai    The word ‘Arhai’ (pronounced with H) has a Greek root, and can be interpreted as ‘beginning’, ‘an- cient’ or ‘principle’. It sums up in one word all that the band’s music is: rethinking tradition through technology and the eyes of a modern world

Rooted deep in traditional song, originally probably sung raw and rough by village women at work, Arhai’s skill is to bring this music to a contemporary audience, slipped in unawares. If the term Balkan Folktronica doesn’t capture the breadth of their sound, which absorbs in- uences from as far as India and Turkey, Se- phardic Ladino, Renaissance and Irish music, it’s probably one that’ll stick. But far from be- ing a ‘copy n’ paste’ a air, Arhai make organic, carefully crafted real music, where selective sampling and electronic e ects drawn from the toolbox of skills that Jovana has built up in the course of her studies in sonic arts, nd a natural place alongside the traditions they draw from. Unlike the minimal eld-recording-meets-stu- dio-engineer approach, in Arhai there is always Adrian’s achingly beautiful tambura and the haunting voice-that-is-a-real-person of Jovana to ground them as a real band – proved in their live performances as a duo with laptopped tracking and real-time manipulation, complimented by visuals created by Italian VJ Massimo Macchu- it for a multimedia, all-enveloping experience.

…. ‘the band should be on the way to conquer the European world music market … really is a Balkan Mantra!’

FolkWorld Magazine

‘Jovana Backovic’s vocals are superb, and both her and Adrian Lever’s musicianship are outstanding’. “ethereal, almost otherworldly attraction….simply irresistible.”

Rainlore World

12514007_10208613360521520_3066862055792887904_o (2)

Ben Bushill

Ben Bushill is a poet and mystic. His passion is for using words and presence to open new doorways into the miraculous and into the deep remembrance of life. As a spoken word performer, qi gong teacher and long term participant in the circles of mystery he offers us ways to reconnect and come closer to ourselves, each other and to the life within all things. Ben’s poetry is an invitation to awaken and become even more alive on this journey of ours. He is a father of three, living and working in the Swedish forest countryside.

The Spirit of Poetry

Blowing off the dust from our ideas of poetry and reclaiming it as a living, vibrant art and doorway into now. An experimental, experiential workshop aiming to open the spirit of poetry and the wonder of being. Looking beneath the skin of things to the life that pulses just beneath. As a circle we will learn to use the unlimited heart to listen to and journey to the place that requires no journey and to drink from the source of creativity that is there. Dive into your longing and recognise the key that is held there. Poetry in the spirit of Rumi and Hafiz, poetry to remember our depth, poetry to feel more alive and awaken our natural state of gratitude.


James Frost

James Frost

“Wow, I am very impressed” – Fred Fellowes, Founder of Secret Garden Party Festival

“Nameless EP…highly recommended. Buy it!” – Folk Radio UK

James Frost brings his delicate finger picked guitar, rich voice and dreamlike lyrics back to Colourfest for a second time. He is well known on the festival circuit after appearances at the Secret Garden Party Festival, Into The Wild, Buddhafield, Folk East and many others in recent years. He is also making waves in the national music scene with last year’s single ‘Nameless’ voted a Pick of the Week on BBC 6Music and championed by Folk Radio UK. James’ songs explore our relationships with deep nature, memory and the heart. Check out the video for ‘Nameless’, steeped in earth mystery and magic.

Elise Yuill

English singer songwriter Elise Yuill Cohen’s repertoire of story-telling conscious folk songs are enriched with a fascination of mysticism, philosophy and environmentalism. Her powerfully emotive voice guides listeners on a thought-provoking voyage, laden with tender, heartfelt tales of dreams, people, love, and life.
Her debut EP ‘A Thousand Angels’ Tears’ (2014) was produced by acclaimed artist Howard Jones, who Elise supported on his solo tour in 2016. Alongside the 14 UK tour dates, Elise launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to support the recording and independent release of her first full-length album; a project she is currently working on with producer Peter Miles and friends, at Middle Farm Studios in her home county of Devon. The release of the album is expected early in 2017.
With a background in dance, performing arts and yoga, Elise began writing songs in her early twenties. Since her first performance of these early compositions (2013), Elise has played numerous concerts and festivals across the UK and Europe, including her first appearance at Glastonbury Festival (2015).
More recent concerts have begun to incorporate collections of devotional songs and sacred mantras gathered from around the globe, spanning multi-faith traditions. These simple, uplifting and heart opening mantras guide the entire audience in spontaneous song. This marrying of musical themes continues to be the way forward for most of Elise’s upcoming appearances; a conscious diversion through which she strives to bring the beauty, magic and humility of devotion from her personal practice into her public performances; unifying all who are present into one magnificent, harmonic entity.
Returning to Colourfest for the 2nd time, Elise will be accompanied by musicians who appear on her forthcoming debut album: Miriam Wakeling, Matthew Bailey and Violeta Barrena will bring a vibrant array of cello, violin, percussion, hang drum and more to the mix this year.

Wendy Jane Music

Wendy Jane

Wendy Jane formerly of the ‘The Morrows’ folk duo has gone solo and has taken the archaic sound of the folk world and combined it with modern and world influences. She has been collaborating with world musicians to find new ways to express the issues close to her heart such as the refugee crisis, climate and women’s rights. She uses harp, flutes, guitar, shruti box, percussion and piano to accompany her ‘haunting’ (folkroots) vocals and to bring something of the gentle feminine to the audience. Lie back, be soothed, be moved…

Ruth guitar & Tilly copy
Ruth Campfire copy

Ruth Blake

Ethereal songstress Ruth Blake carries her audiences on powerful wings across lyrical skies, through ever-changing landscapes that prise open our hearts, connecting us to our most intimate pains and joys. In one moment simple, hypnotic guitar riffs and crystalline vocal melodies lead us open-eyed into the darkness of the void; at another her wild spirit calls our human community to unite with rousing lyrics for this time in history – inspiring us to return to the truth of the heart.

Having tentatively begun performing solo in the Autumn of 2014 with just 3 of her own songs; Ruth then wrote, crowd-funded, and recorded her debut album, ‘Lullabies for Grown-Ups’ in a flurry of inspiration, releasing it just 14 months later on the Winter Solstice of 2015.

Ruth has engaged with various indigenous and contemporary healing traditions over the years to explore the deepest nature of her human experience and our interconnectedness with the  great web of life. Her music has been born out of her own healing journey and has become her most cherished medicine. As well as her own music, she occasionally also performs sacred songs and mantras from around the world.

She has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Nessi Gomes and Ayla Nereo; sharing their direction towards spiritual freedom and sacred connection through music… with her newer material adding flavours of Florence and the Machine and Portishead.

Through blazing fire and icy waters, flirting with the clouds in their mischief, or plunging deep into the beating heart of the earth… wherever she takes us, we can trust that she will always lead us home.

Web links:
Music @ the Colourfest Cafe

Kez Hinton

Making waves on the local scene, Kez Hinton is a New Forest based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, passionate about live music and connecting with his audience. Creating an enchanting blend of uplifting and heartfelt acoustic folk, Kez weaves original compositions into a musical tapestry including his own unique interpretations of modern classics and bringing fresh life to Celtic and English traditional songs.
Kez hosts his monthly Ringwood Unplugged live music showcase, has an EP – Reflections available on CD and is active on the live music scene, playing regularly at local venues and small festivals.

crop circles massive mellow
Will Waveform gig 2 (cropped)

Bob Hillary and Will Softmore

Lush, deep, ecstatic, healing folktronica – Organic electronic beats & dub basslines created live on the spot, mixing with trancey keyboard pads, intricate Acoustic folky guitar, & Shamanic drums – weaving around Bob’s songs of hope, peace & change.  Bob has been making waves of late around the world with his conscious songs, and he is joined by electronic wiz Will Softmore on this exciting collaboration.
“For 10+ years Will has been composing, producing and DJing high-vibration electronic, ambient and healing music, supporting the expansion of consciousness and well-being, ecstatic dance, trance dance and more recently, contact improvisation and somatic/free movement; “Sonic Incense” soundbaths at festivals and in Brighton, kirtan, as well as various other musical and artistic collaborations. Bringing his rich experience from all this, as well as his his love and experience of deep meditation, Dharma, somatic and healing practices, resonant frequencies and deep bass, he will be playing two unique live sets at Colourfest, (and a third, collaborating with Bob Hillary in a funky folktronica dub fusion stew!)

Omer Makessa

Omer is a Master Percussionist, experienced performer, singer, songs writer from Martinique in the Caribbean Island with a vibrant multicultural music scene. Omer is grow up in a musical family. Introduced to music by is father from a young age An accomplished with an extensive knolegde of African, Latin and Caribbean style Omer fuse these styles in his own composition ” In my music, one can hear the influence from the beautiful Island of my origine with is complex history”

contact through FB


Velvet & Stone Image 1
Velvet&Stone Logo
Velvet & Stone Image 6

Velvet and Stone

Velvet & Stone are an indie-folk band from Devon, UK. They combine rich vocals, acoustic guitar, keys and violin, to give an original take on a traditional genre. Drawing upon personal stories, melancholy Celtic tales and landscapes, they create a serene, and haunting sound that is difficult to forget.

Their debut record – The Storm – was released in April 2016 and has received critical acclaim and airplay across the UK and internationally. With glowing accolades for their live shows, the band have quickly built upon this success playing at Cambridge Folk Festival, Celtic Connections, Sidmouth Folk Festival, WonderFields, Somersault, Balcony TV, and regularly gigging across their native South West.

In 2017, with a performance at Celtic Connections already under their belt, the band are set for an exciting year ahead. Fronted by Lara Snowdon on vocals and guitar, and Kathryn Tremlett on violin and piano, the band are looking forward to returning to the studio to record a second EP in April 2017. Keep an eye on this website, and their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube for the latest updates. The Storm EP is available on iTunes , Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Music.

Want to know more?
Check out our upcoming gigs: 
Listen to some of our songs: 
Have a look at our gallery:
You can also connect with us via social media… 


album cover

Magdalena Atkinson

Magdalena Atkinson & Andrew Hurst

Magdalena Atkinson, a Dorset based singer-songwriter and a teacher of Shakti Dance, will join the Colourfest with a genius guitarist Andrew Hurst (Kevin Avebury). They will share vocalised melodies improvised over a tapestry of sound woven from guitar, lute, dulcimer, piano, or sitar threads – an eclectic mix with charismatic appeal, drawing from roots of Celtic, flamenco, Persian, Latin american and Europe of modern and mediaeval times; these are complemented by original composed songs of Magdalena.

Magdalena Atkinson published her album “Beauty & Power” in 2015, and she is currently working on the 2nd album “Love & Light” ready to be shared in the autumn 2017. Her music is soulful, uplifting & inspiring, taking a listener on a journey to the dreamy and loving landscapes, encouraging trust, joy and following the dreams.

Andrew Hurst is a very gifted, eclectic multi-instrumentalist, rooted in Classical music, yet successfully experimenting with many genres, composing, improvising and arranging music with a unique genius and soulful touch. He plays the variety of the guitars, the lute, the sitar, always surprising the listener with the fresh sound.

Magdalena Atkinson Official

kevin avebury – lutenist, guitarist, composer, arranger


Victor Chetcuti

Victor has been with us from the beginning and his intimate sets around the fire have been some of the most memorable.  We’re very glad he keeps coming back.  Very honored to welcome him back this year.

‘My inspiration comes from life and to me one of the most magical and amazing gifts is love, (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) So, I guess most of my songs are of a romantic nature. They are all felt as well as sung. A song can capture special moments in life which help us remember them when we hear the song later on. It would be nice to think that I could make a song that would fit a memory and that could bring some kind of pleasure to the world (what a nice thought), something that could remain even if I’ve passed on. This is what inspires me. There are some things that can never be captured by words, but feelings are the key.’

Find more of his work here


India Blue

India Blue is a faerie-folk artist who brings magic to earth dwellers in dreamy and unique music. Residing in the human city of Brighton, India aims to spread the energy of the fae-folk through songs of nature, dreams and reality…

India Blue is a faerie-folk artist who brings magic to earth dwellers in dreamy and unique music. Residing in the human city of Brighton, India aims to spread the energy of the fae-folk through songs of nature, dreams and reality…


Glenn & The Creeks

Glenn & The Creeks

Glenn Ross has been writing and performing songs for over 20 years  at folk clubs and festivals both here and abroad. Several of his songs have been played on local and national radio stations via BBC Introducing and via internet stations.

In 2013 he was joined by violinist Stefan Defilet and cellist Nick Squires, both ex students of the Royal London School of music and current members of the Alani String Quartet.

They provide the perfect accompaniment to his songs fusing Folk with Classical to give a unique and memorable sound

They have played the main stage at both Purbeck Folk Festival and Wimborne Folk Festival and are becoming well known on the folk circuit.

Songs from their first album Strings on Wood can be heard at,

Nalini Blossom

Nalini Blossom

Nalini is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter, sound healer and ceremonialist. For over 20 years she has travelled the world spending considerable time living with remote indigenous groups and spiritual teachers/communities from the Middle East, India and Central and Southern America. Her music weaves together cultural influences from these regions and evokes the magic and mystery of their native spiritual traditions.

Nalini’s songs are heartfelt invocations to the Sacred dimension. Her voice has been described as ‘a transmission’, transporting listeners through veils to the ancient and   timeless realms and beyond.

She co-founded the band ‘Sacred Sound Collective’ and enjoys diverse musical collaborations with artists and bands including Kaya Project , Alunawachuma , Mieshaenka Klezmer , Orchid Star and many others.

Her water blessing song for the Masaru Emoto Foundation  has become well known and recited by many as a prayer for the healing of the planetary waters, whilst her chant ‘Circle of Women’ has become an anthem for women’s circles across the planet.

Nalini’s body of work is dedicated to healing and transformation , to  the ‘Great Remembering’.

Here is the link to hear more.

Mundo Gira

Mundo Gira

Mundo Gira are a world music fusion band, with 6 instrumentalists from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds. The group inspires their audiences to enjoy ecstatic dance, as they combine ancient chants, Latin rhythms and middle eastern melodies with blues, Afrobeat, reggae and jazz. The percussion section, made up of congas, timbales, darbuka, Cajon and bongos, brings the vibe of tribal festivity, adding to a rich ensemble of playful guitars, saxophone and vocal harmonies. You can find the band at intercultural events, community projects and festivals. For more information, tracks and videos, visit:

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