Seven Immersive Experiences
Through the Woodland Space
The play, the surreal and the imagination.  A place of great beauty and a realm of magic and mystery.  A realm where the veil is thinnest and the interplay between truth and thought forms dance together like lovers drunk on the nectar of being.

Seven Immersive woodland Experiences

This year in our amplified woodland we invite you to partake in our Immersive Experiences.  We are collaborating with various musicians, poets, artists to bring to you ceremony, poetry, nature’s mandala, to move through the trees as a prayer.  Let nature whisper to you its secrets, or visit the oracle.  Let the sounds enchant you.  Let the words and the whispers in the trees guide you home.

Living Nature Mandala

Join us, (Nandan and Esther) and be part of a living, evolving nature mandala. We will provide a range of leaves, petals and other gifts from nature or be inspired to gather your own from this wonderful site. Our mandala will grow over the duration of the festival.  Watch the magic unfold.

Journey of the Bees

Sensing & being Awake to what’s around.   Journeying together through opening your perception we will move into a sensory walk with partners, one has a blindfold on, the other will be guiding, taking them out into the woods or gardens to experience in taste, touch and smell in a new way.

A Woodland Prayer

How can your body be a moving prayer to the Earth ?   The art of merge, body and nature speaks through an embodiment, a physical knowing. We cleanse sage and resins, call directions and invite the guidance of Nature.  We announce our presence and our hearts gratitude for this.

The Poetics of Presence

Into the woods we will walk until a stone calls our name.  Choosing wisely we wander to the house with the grass round roof where we lie.  There the stone is rested onto our hearts while the poem forms in the place between worlds.  Inscribed onto the stone forever its offered back from where it came.

Movement in the Landscape

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Shamanic Nidra

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Sacred Walks with Kimba

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Meet the Voices through the Trees


Because there´s nothing for the mind to cling to you can let yourself dive into the sounds, listen with your heart and create a new world of images and feelings within yourself…


PIDGYN is the bird of sound spaces, which resonate with each and one of your body cells. Through the fusion of minimalism and improvisation with guitar, effects and organ pedals the artist creates unique soundscapes which could be referred to as ambient, chill-out or drone.

Matthew Baily

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India Blue is a faerie-folk artist who brings magic to earth dwellers in dreamy and unique music. Residing in the human city of Brighton, India aims to spread the energy of the fae-folk through songs of nature, dreams and reality…