The abundance around each breath

This fullness remains forever full



Satsang is the jewel in the heart of Colourfest.  The invitation to recognise your own essential nature, and the integration of the human condition into the awareness of peace. READ

Music @ Colourfest Cafe

What’s On 2020

Come and rest in the Colourfest Cafe and savour a full lineup from morning to midnight of eclectic and inspiring song. READ

Movement & Dance


Let movement set you free and find the path that flows through life, a creative dynamic expression.  Follow or create, however you like to see it, but whats important is that YOU are no longer there. READ

Kirtan & Sacred Sound


Sing out your noble hearts and repeat the holy name until that recognition arises in you like a fire that clarifies your nature.

Family & Kids


We have a dedicated family space and kids area right next to the outdoor pool.



Come, meet yourself in the heart of things.  Lets not be distracted by the endless chasing of the next experience, but dive deep into the one thing that we are. READ


What’s On 2020

In which direction is the soul calling ?  Feel into a delightful array of workshops with our Colourfest Tutors.  We have opened up this year in a wider range of topics. READ

Theatre & Art

IMG_3621 copy

The artists points to the space between the meaning and gives voice to the ungraspable.  Its beyond a mood or feeling thought it can be the vehicle through which we journey.  READ

Red Tent B'mth


Red Tent Bournemouth is a vibrant community of women located on the stunning coastline of south-west England. READ

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