the art of subtleness
& to know the knower...
The Truth behind the mask
From where does the soul wish to drink ?  What ignites your curiosity and speaks to the truth in you already known.  Which part of yourself are you waking up to and using the mirror of the world to validate its existence ?


Sacred Walks with Kimba

Sacred Walks

Shamanic gatherings here on the grounds of Colourfest in which we meet, call the directions, cleanse through incense of plants and resins, and rest into a simplicity and deep listening. We walk, then pause…experience the silence, welcome the guidance. We meditate together and share when the inspiration calls to us. Sometimes I guide you into merger and movements of the natural world as the drum beats. We commune with trees, plants, the Mother Earth, the waters and the beings of life here and now…each other.


I have returned to an earlier knowing that our bodies…these human forms are fluid crystals for greater purpose than is so often experienced.  We are designed for connections beyond the cultural and social ‘norms’. Our hearts know this vastness.  We are formed by compassion and for compassion- the trees tell us this, the Earth speaks of this, the waters show us this.

I am here to share with you ancient and contemporary ways of connecting to Nature and celebrating this existence…a deep love for this life.

I have danced since the beginning, Nature called on me to do this. Shamanism is a home for me and weaves together not only my younger life but also the last 20 years as a movement teacher, dancer, bodyworker, maker, and guide.  I am also a kundalini yoga teacher, soundscape healer, mentor in the school, shamanism 101, and mother of two beautiful girls.

sat nam

love and peace to all


Workshops with Katinka

Women’s Sacred Space workshop (2 hours: women only )

Soft Power-Full Desire workshop in which we will connect to the wisdom of our womb space and the fire of our blood, to celebrate our aliveness and drop what ever may stop us being the fullness of life manifesting in and through us.

We will explore the sacred archetype of the Priestess, she who serves Goddess and walks the beauty way of love. Sharing the supportive space of healthy sisterhood, we will remember our beautiful soft power and the great magnetism of our full desire as we dance and witness our feminine authentic place of being.

How to become a Dragon Rider workshop (2 hours: mixed group )

In this introduction workshop we will explore Dragon as the mythical aspect of our sacred sexual self. As such, it is the guardian of our treasure and the voice of our intuitive knowing. As a source of our empowerment, it has been distorted and so we become dragon slayers or captured by the dragon in fear and disempowerment. Dragon also holds the shadow we must face to enter into the mysteries. Our Dragon can hide in the flame of desire and in the shadow of our wounding patterns, but always guards the gold of authentic being and loving relating.

This workshop will examine the initiation journey we all must make to meet and face the Dragon. How we can merge with the elemental aspect of the Dragon and become the Dragon Rider.

Sensual Aliveness Tribe workshop (2 hours: mixed group)

Become conscious of the flow of Nature and your connection to the sacred life force in your body and in the land. Becoming filled with radiance and love, surrender into your ability to expand your essence and become present to the dance of life, as it wants to engage with us in every moment. Exploring conscious touch as sacred aliveness from this place of reverence, fullness and honouring connection, can be deeply healing and opens the heart to the YES of aliveness so we may meet as empowered people and forgive karmic patterns we may carry. Come and meet as Tribe of empowered, heart-centered, alive beings!


 Katinka Soetens is a Ceremonialist of the Goddess and co-organiser of The Goddess Conference, Priestess of Avalon and a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. She works internationally, teaching empowerment through Goddess ceremonies, trainings and workshops to honour the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of Avalon and the European lands. She runs the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon training for the Magdalene Mystery School in the UK and in other European countries. She also teaches a year-long men’s soul quest journey: Path of the Lover – Brotherhood of Rhiannon.

Director and creator of Her Path of Love Ltd, as Priestess Katinka facilitates healing of the wounding between the masculine and feminine through embodying Goddess in workshops, trainings and individual and couple sessions. Katinka works with movement, touch, breath, sound, intimacy, embodiment and meditation and writes a regular newsletter. Particularly interested in the sacredness of love, the wisdom of the body and the healing power of initiation, forgiveness and opening the heart; Katinka facilitates sacred intimacy as a Priestess and sexual healer.

Her website is




Yogaskrit: Yoga for Creativity

A yoga and meditation workshop for creative people, to help with generating ideas, removing creative blocks and accessing the deep creative power within. It begins with a guided meditation based on research into the relationship between yoga and creativity.

Then, a strong Vinyasa flow yoga practice, sequenced with anatomical intelligence, and weaving in poses, yoga mythology and learnings from anthropological research that all come together to bring the practitioner closer to their creative core, and banish the fear of not being good enough.

This strong practice gradually comes down to more gentle movement, and then there is a period of ‘idea generation’ – attendees are provided with writing and drawing materials and given the space to sit on the mat and explore, in writing or with visual art, the openness and ideas that the practice has brought up. Finally, a deep guided relaxation integrates the ideas and inspiration gained, so that attendees can go away with a renewed confidence and belief in their creative abilities. 


Authentic Consent with Rosa and Rich

This interactive process focuses on authenticity and communication of boundaries.  “Authentic” means there is no script for how you must be.  Participants are invited to explore from a place of “this is who i am right now”.  The invitation is to take risk, step outside comfort zones and learn. “Consent” means to agree too. In this workshop consent will be disused in the context of relationships.  This means form the personal to the professional, from the platonic to the sexual. This workshop offers grounding exercises that will enable participants a bodily experience of their own and other peoples boundaries. There is no sex or nudity in the workshop.

Rich Loizou is a Land Based Learning Facilitator.  He lived and worked at Embercombe delivering residential youth camps on their Education team. He currently lives in a consensus run cooperative.  Rosa Martin creates and facilitates workshops on authenticity and communication.  She facilitates workshops for the London based have-less-do-more initiative Find Space.  Rich and Rosa have run Authentic Consent together and apart, they have teamed up Embercombe, The Green Earth Awakening Camp, and Schumacher college.

Stuart Ward Tai Chi


Stuart started studying traditional martial arts as a young boy including Wing Chun Kung Fu, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Sanda and Mauy Thai boxing. He began practicing Chen Style Tai Chi in 2008 and continues to study with Paul Lockyer and Grandmaster Kongjie Gou.  Stuart teaches Tai Chi in its traditional format as a complete health system that is also a fantastic tool to develop awareness of the self.

Class Description:

Chen Tai Chi is a martial art based on the yin yang philosophy of change and balance originating in Chen village around 400 years ago.  Stuart will be leading daily classes to introduce traditional Chen Tai Chi through silk reeling movements and the 11 part from as taught to him by Grandmaster Kongjie Gou. The classes will suit complete beginners as well as those with tai chi experience.


Stuart Ward Fitness Facebook Page

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Matthew Adams: Barefoot Running

I am fascinated by how we can use the experience of being in our bodies to become more present in our lives. In 2012 I read Christopher McDougall’s book “Born To Run”. I fell in love with the running in harmony with my body, rather than fighting against it. I began barefoot/minimalist running. At the same time I began practicing somatic movement, working with Lee and Jamus of Embodied Presence. I use somatic practice to bring a deeper awareness to my physical pursuits of running, climbing, surfing and snowboarding, developing a deeper, more fluid connection between my body and my self.

Barefoot Running:

How does your body want to move? How do we move when we start listening to the body rather than telling it what to do? Bring mindfullness into movement with barefoot running. By taking off our shoes we tune into a feedback system that has evolved over millions of years. We listen to our body’s signals and adjust our movement to what feels harmonious.  This approach flips our current cultural notion of pushing the body through pain in order to achieve some heroic feat of endurance. We move toward aligning our movement with what feels good, we make friends with our body.

This workshop is for everyone from seasoned runners to those who are just starting. It is also a journey for those not necessarily interested in running, but in experiencing ways to tune into a deeper listening and experience of the body, the vessel that we all experience life through.

Sam Bloomfield

Sam has over 20 years’ experience at facilitating workshops. He has trained adults at festivals, colleges and teaching staff in special needs schools. His regular work is as a trainee dance movement psychotherapist in Bristol, a specialist university mental health mentor, and creative arts mentor at a special needs school. He also has 27 years’ experience in transformational and deep tissue body work inspired by Meta-morphic Technique, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and Body-Reflexology. Sam is the author of a book on poetry (currently second edition), and an exhibiting artist with poetry and digital media.


Arc improvised movement workshops

We all have the innate potential to discover new creative and collaborative ways of being. Our habits can serve this unfolding or inhibit it, at times we need to stabilise and center ourselves, at other times we need to leap into the unknown. This move-ment work is not about what it looks like to others, but about its authenticity and ca-pacity to nourish ourselves and our ability to relate ‘whole heartedly’, while deepen-ing our spontaneous connection with the qualities of play and imagination.

Arc is inspired by the work of many movers and therapists including Adler, Jung, Natalie and Carol Rogers, Gabriel Roth, Anna Halprin and Arnold Mindell. This is your invitation to continually grow into more freedom and connectedness in daily life.

sometimes without music
from within
contacting the human-animal body
inspired by Authentic Movement

from body work into movement
fostering connection with others and the environment
exploring inter-dependency
in contact with the earth and others
inspired by Contact Improvisation and Transformational body work

developing and following what’s new and unfolding
playful and spontaneous
stretching the edges of what’s known
facilitating multi-media artistic enquiry
inspired by performance, poetry and visual art making

The Lion and the Dove: Men’s Workshop

Men are facing a serious challenge. We need to get in touch with our feelings, be vulnerable and activate emotional depth. We also need to stand our ground, act on what feels right and be outwardly courageous. Men are twice as likely as women to commit suicide. To address this, we need to get to know our inner landscape and learn how to support one another emotionally and physically.

How can we be both powerful and vulnerable?

Using teachings from brain science, heart intelligence, the core conditions and non-violent communication we will develop this faculty. This life-changing physical workshop will empower you to deepen the quality of your relationships and enable you to experience greater intimacy with your loved ones. You will also learn how to use your body’s built in antennae to stand your ground and protect what is important.