Refinement of Movement
to discover your Self as the non-doer of the action


An exploration of movement that invites us into the recognition of a total honesty and openness with what is.  Its a dance, a love affair, an intimacy that melts you from the inside.  A celebration, a learning, an integration and a perfection remembered.

Rowan from Integral Yoga & Colourfest


Swami Asokananda ( Director of Integral Yoga )

Swami Asokananda is one of our most senior presenters. A monk for over 30 years, he has the look of an ascetic, but the twinkle in his eye and his quick, down-to-earth wit show his New York City roots and his three decades of study with the great Yoga master Sri Swami Satchidananda. Asokananda was for several years the President of Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, the headquarters for all the Integral Yoga Institutes and Integral Yoga International. He is now the director of the New York Integral Yoga Institute. An excellent Hatha Yogi, he has been one of our main Teacher Training instructors for over 25 years. He helped to develop and facilitates our Intermediate and Advanced Integral Yoga Hatha Teacher Training programs, which he has taught to students in many parts of the world.

With his unique humor and enormous depth of wisdom, Swami Asokananda is a master in presenting the great teachings of Yoga in ways that are deeply relevant to key issues in modern life: for example, his teachings on self-esteem issues have inspired hundreds of students to have more confidence in themselves.

He is also a scholar of the Bhagavad Gita. His popular classes and workshops on this great Indian scripture make it accessible and useful to modern spiritual seekers.

Both practical and mystical, Swami Asokananda is one of the most requested and beloved speakers in the Integral Yoga Institutes. He has presented his popular programs worldwide including presentations at Yoga conferences for Yoga Journal and the Omega Institute.

In this workshop we will explore how the physical practices of Hatha Yoga
can be directly linked to Yoga’s ultimate spiritual goal–discovering the
radiance of our true Self. Through deepening our awareness of the energy that underlies, animates, and surrounds the body, we can use the physical body as a jumping point to discover more subtle dimensions of our being.
By learning to work more consciously with prana, we will find it:
*Has a tremendous impact on how we practice the asanas and how we experience them.
*We begin to explore yoga from the inside out—receiving much understanding
from within our own being.
*We can get a taste of the goal of yoga, experiencing ourselves as a
witnessing consciousness.
It is recommended that participants have some experience in Hatha Yoga.
These multi-level Integral Yoga hatha classes, through a meditative,
non-aggressive approach to the asanas, are designed to draw our attention
within, creating more awareness of the flow of our subtle energy (prana).
We will explore:
•             How hatha yoga differs from physical fitness
•             How the asanas can be used for both strengthening and flexibility
•             What does it mean to progress in our asana practice?

MEDITATION WITHOUT FRUSTRATION: Taking Your Meditation Practice to the Next Level
Most of us have enough stress in our life. Let’s not make meditation one more hard thing to do.
In this experiential workshop we will explore:
•        Is there a more effective way to practice than trying to stop the thoughts?
•        Can the practice help me to understand and deepen the connection to myself?
•        Can I keep my practice enjoyable and inspiring year in and year out?
Swami Asokananda will introduce a simple three-step approach to meditation
that has kept his meditation interesting, meaningful, and rejuvenating for
over 45 years.

For most of us, death is the ultimate scary thing. Besides the often miserable experience of being in physical pain, there is the uncertainty of what comes next—if anything. Will I still exist? If so, in what form? Will I still have a body, a mind, senses, a personal identity?

The Bhagavad Gita clearly explores the issue of death and the soul’s continuing journey in a way that alleviates fear and confusion. It provides us with the guidance on how to live well so that we can die well. With the understanding that all things must pass, we can face this transition with a relaxed mind and an open heart.

john stirk

Yoga with John Stirk

John Stirk has been teaching Yoga for 40 years. He graduated as an osteopath in 1983 at the College of Osteopaths in London where he subsequently lectured in Bio-Mechanics and Practical Osteopathy and was made a fellow of the college in 1995. The influence of R.D.Laing, with whom he ran body/mind workshops, B.K.S. Iyengar, Vanda Scaravelli with whom he had personal tuition for several years and J. Krisnamurti has confirmed his belief in finding it in and for oneself. Consequently his style of teaching  emphasises an enquiry into how we are. His work aims to deepen, open and broaden the Yoga experience by inviting students to sink beneath existing knowledge and practical application, and draw out their deeper practitioner. John’s interest in the impediments to understanding, compassion and freedom from the self, informs his posture based work which attends to the physical while simultaneously questioning the nature of conditioning, habit and fear in their various guises. Participants are invited to open up ways of being that include clarity, relaxed sensitivity, and a deeper awareness that reveals itself in the absence of technique.

John is the author of three books, notably ‘The Original Body’ published in 2015 and has published numerous articles. He runs classes and workshops for yoga students and teachers throughout the UK and internationally. He is currently based in London and East Sussex, UK.

A  Way  of  Moving:    A  Workshop with John  Stirk

There is a way of moving that harks back to a time before yoga was thought of, before thought itself. There are ways of being moved that feel so ancient that they are best understood as underpinning all other movements and attitudes. Something deeply within us, a rhythm, an energy, lies dormant but invites discovery and expression when conditions are favourable.  This expression is physiologically potent, intelligently mobile, its release affects us on all levels, and it surfaces in the absence of volitional control.  As we pass through personal patterning we begin to move in the same way, drawing on an activity that resides beneath our conditioning.

This workshop approaches our true physical nature. It highlights an involuntary action common to all that arises as an individual discovery. The awakening is initially physiological and spreads out into all areas of our experience.


Soma Yoga with Nicole

A Soma Yoga workshop exploring dream seeds and the Shaman’s Gift of Journeying

You are not your genes, you are your dreams

It is possible to have a direct and palpable experience of your soul and the beauty of all souls and all life. It is that part of us that sees beauty everywhere and that does not seek truth as a prize to be won but brings truth to every breath, every thought, and every action. It is that part of us that does not need happiness but rather infuses every moment with joy. It is that part of us that practices kindness and lives in simplicity. The soul is all of this and more. The soul is eternal because these things are eternal – truth, beauty and grace. To know the soul we must heal ourselves and our past we must re-discover the part of us that exists in the garden, walks in beauty, is connected to all life and converses naturally with God.

Quiet the mind and discover the Seer within

Once you discover who sees you will be able to drop down in-between the breaths, the thoughts and the moments. In these in-between spaces you can experience infinity and become the master of your destiny. Turning your gaze within, you can understand Creation and the unfolding of heavenly design. The experience is waiting for you to taste it. Then you can take a conscious role in yours and our collective destiny. This is the essence of Soma Yoga.

Ancient and modern practices combine as powerful medicine. A shaman can be seen as a benevolent individual who uses altered states of consciousness, whether induced by drum, sacred plant medicine, or any other environmental variable, to connect with the spirit world in order to heal.


Nicole – Soma is the name for my work and is the seed of my Journey and School. The Hummingbird is my symbol for this journey. I am a teacher trained in Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Shadow Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, among others. All of these perspectives are woven into the cloth that is Soma. I am a dancer and poet, am trained in Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanism and much more……. you will meet all of this magic along the way….. You are Welcome…


We will journey through Yoga, Soma Nidra and Shamanic Practices to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent……

The heart of the world was a vast emerald with a serpent and an eagle carved upon it. This gem was the symbol for the Temple of the Feathered Serpent. The serpent and the eagle symbolised the feathered serpent, Quetzacoatl. The feathered serpent built four chambers, each facing a cardinal direction.

In the east the temple was built entirely of turquoise.

In the south the temple was built of pink seashells.

In the west the temple was built of white seashells.

In the north the temple was built of precious blue-green quetzal feathers.

The temple symbolised the four corners of the world, and the four chambers of the heart. Each one aligned the seeker with the cosmos.

Temple calls us to the spiritual path, where life and spirit are united. The path is a journey that weaves like a labyrinth through a temple garden. The temple breathes. It is living. It is the teacher of all things. It is your heart and it speaks to you, it calls you home. Listen deeply.


Good Morning Hatha Flow with Scott Parsons

Good Morning Hatha Flow

This session has a therapeutic approach which entails an intelligent ordering of asanas to wake up the body slowly bringing balance, strength and flexibility with flowing sequences, guided by breath.

The postures of the sequence will be taught steadily one by one flowing from one posture to the next, often stoping for while to enjoy, breathe and explore each asana and its benefits both physically and mentally.

During the class you will build heat internally using breath and movement, leaving you feeling both balanced and refreshed to set you up and start your day’s activities.

This class is suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Scott Parsons

I have been teaching Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in Bournemouth & Poole since 2008. My yoga journey started in 2005 when, being very overweight and inflexible, I went to my first class looking for an escape from my extremely unhealthy music and DJ career. I found myself wanting to go again and again, not quite able to work out if I loved yoga or hated it. After a few more weeks of attending classes, I realised that I loved it and was going as often as possible.

In March 2006 I first studied with the late Shri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson R. Sharath Jois when they visited the UK.

Soon after this I handed in my notice at work and decided to go to Mysore, where I first visited the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. Over the next couple of years I continued to venture to India to develop my practice and further my knowledge of yoga. Several visits later I had the desire to deepen my understanding of Ashtanga Yoga and completed a teacher training course with Ajay Kumar in Mysore.

In 2008 I also began to study for a Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, which has hugely facilitated my understanding of the anatomy of the body, complimenting my yoga teaching and my own practise.

In the last 10 years I have been lucky enough to visit India almost every year, furthering my knowledge of the remarkable health system of yoga. I’ve had the privilege of practising with Sharath at KPJAYI in Mysore, as well as other traditional and authoritative teachers in Mysore.

My approach to teaching yoga is very much how I learnt it myself, through years of self study and also using the knowledge I have acquired through studying with some of the best yoga teachers in the world. I pride myself on teaching authentic and traditional yoga the way I have continued to be taught in India, using no gimmicks and encouraging yoga for the mind and body.

In 2017 I was awarded the Senior Yoga Teacher certification by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Elahn & Radhe Kirtan
Kirtan Yoga

Kirtan Bhakti Flow Yoga
with Nicole Aarons (Soma Yoga) with live kirtan by Elahn & Radhe from Shekinashram and David Oliver on percussion.

A heart expanding journey with both a deep slow flow of contemplative yoga asanas and dynamic sequences and free movement with the accompaniment of live kirtan (devotional music with Sanskrit mantras).   Participants will be guided on a deep internal journey, an inner pilgrimage to the essence of Yoga through body and breath awareness utilising both flowing and held postures and conscious breathing.
Nicole Aarons
Truth has many paths that flow as rivers into an ocean. The one Truth carries itself in everything. Being a yoga teacher is like being an adventure guide leading a challenging journey to a beautiful, secluded, magical place of transformation. The art of teaching yoga is Divine Love.It is intelligence, supported by direct experience that guides me and lights my way along the Yoga path. I am a wanderer along this path and I am deeply grateful for all the incredible people that have assisted me in the cultivation of this intelligence. I began Yoga at an early age, studied for over 20 years Iyengar Yoga and qualified as a Teacher of this discipline, found my way to the door of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga of Pattabhi Jois and again qualified as a Teacher. I expanded this intelligence by studying and training in Desikachar’s Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga and Shadow Yoga of Shandor Remete (Natanaga Zhander). I am also qualified as a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Soma Yoga is the space that holds all of these paths. The technology of each path may differ slightly in content but the experience available is the same. Soma represents the culmination of everything I have experienced, studied and practiced. Soma Yoga is a cloth woven from many threads and its intention is to open the body and mind to the energetic principles of yoga practice and to cultivate power. Drinkingdeep of Soma will nourish the seeds of your becoming, seeds held deep within the human form, waiting to unfold for you. In developing Soma as a practice I encourage students along the direct path to Spirit.Yoga facilitates experience that is universal in nature but which must be discovered and rediscovered by each of us. The technology gives us the thread and the pattern is universal but our woven cloth is personal. Soma Yoga is the practical guide to experience ecstasy and freedom.
My teaching and practice is informed by study and experience in a wide range of natural healing methods especially Shamanism. I am a qualified Master Herbalist, hold a degree in botany, am an iridologist, thai masseur, and Ayurvedic therapist.  I studied Ayurveda with Dr David Frawley, Dr Robert Svoboda, the College of Ayurveda,Thames Valley University (Mayur) and most recently with Dr Deepa Apté of Ayurveda Pura.  I have studied oriental medicine and osteopathy, lectured at the Bristol University Botanic Garden and assisted in a research project on the use of vegetable oils in the treatment of prostate cancer sponsored by Tenovus. I am a student of 1astrology and numerologyy, vastu and Inka Shamanism. My journey of expansion continues as long as I breathe.
Kitty Billings

Kitty Billings

Kitty has lived a life infused with Yoga since she was a young teenager. While studying a degree in Public Health in 2004 she discovered the dynamic Ashtanga Yoga practice and moved deeply into the Mysore form. Studying in India brought her closer to the sister school of Yoga, Ayurveda and her fascination with nutrition and healing plants continues to grow in the form of teaching and conducting one to one consultations. Kitty is committed to engaging in nourishing work for the soul and finds herself collaborating with like minded teachers who are equally dedicated to well being. Kitty now lives and teaches in Bristol, but continually travels through Europe and Asia to teach, discover and grow.


Agni Yoga: Balancing the Digestive fire

Do you feel heavy and sluggish, with a lack of vitality in not only your body but also in your thoughts?

According to Ayurveda our mental, emotional and physical health is determined largely on the strength of our digestive fire, the location of which is found in the organ of the stomach. By over doing, under doing, or misdoing we cause extreme imbalances in our digestive system which then manifest as illness or disease in our whole body. The root of all illness therefore lies in the digestive tract. Ayurvedic wisdom leads us to discover what food and lifestyle choices we can adopt that help support and kindle this fire to digest not only the food we eat, but also life experiences.

We are what we digest’ – Ayurvedic saying

SESSION OVERVIEW: Melbourne based Ayurvedic Specialist, Kitty Billings will share with you what it takes to balance your ‘Agni’ or digestive fire and explain why this is such a vital step for maintaining your health and wellbeing. Expanding on the foundations of Ayurvedic principles, this course will explore practical Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle practises to nurture your health mentally, emotionally and physically.




The Beat Goes Ohm    With Scott Parson’s and Natalie Cresswell

This 2 hour workshop will offer a dynamic Vinyasa flow and guided relaxation. Rather than using a set playlist the class will be accompanied with a live DJ set to keep it flowing with a beautiful and exciting interaction between student, teacher and DJ.

Natalie and Scott have worked and studied together for many years both coming from and Ashtanga background and teaching both Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. Scott will start the class with a gentle work to open up the body and get you ready to move before taking to the decks leaving Natalie to take you through a 1 hour Vinyasa flow before gently bringing you into a state of complete relaxation through yoga Nidra.

Scott came to yoga after a career in the music industry and is now back behind the decks creating a vibe that will match the flow and tempo of the class helping to build the energy room as well as bring it back down to find the deeper calm of yoga Nidra.

As the two work together this creative fusion of sound and movement will enable you to feel connected through vibrations of the class and be fully immersed in your practice.

My journey with Yoga started 15 years ago. Over this time I have had many amazing experiences and transformations. In 2006, I attended my first Ashtanga Yoga class and discovered a practice that is now a massive part of my life.


I have studied with many truly inspirational teachers in both India and the UK including Ajay Kumar, Sri K Patthabhi Jois and Helen McCabe. I regularly travel to Mysore, India (the spiritual home of Ashtanga) to study with Sharath Rangaswamy at KPJAYI.

Having recently had a baby I am easing my way back into teaching in Bournemouth, Poole and Lythett Matravers

Elise – Yoga Workshop

Elise Yuill Cohen – Restorative Yoga Workshop

Amidst the highs of the festivities, this holistic yoga workshop will bring balance to your mind, body and spirit, reviving you for another night of ecstatic dance and adventure!

Yoga and Pilates teacher Elise Yuill Cohen will guide a flowing yet restorative yoga practice, designed to gently release physical, mental and emotional tensions, thus rebuilding feelings of overall wellbeing, mental clarity and vitality. A Pilates twist of focused core strengthening exercises and lower back stretches, seamlessly weaved into the sequence, will ensure the camping sores are no more! After winding down with energy balancing pranayama and heavenly relaxation time, you will leave feeling fully revived and ready for more festival action…

Open to all, no previous yoga experience necessary. Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket with you.


Partner Yoga with Lioba & Lara

Partner yoga is a delicious and playful exploration of yoga in pairs. It’s a wonderful way to connect, learn to trust and let yourself be supported to deepen into and experience asanas in new ways. We will breath together, learn ways to communicate what we need, and get creative with our bodies and our yoga practise. Come one, come all! No previous experience nor partner necessary!


The session will be a combination of embodying asanas in pairs as well as some simple Thai yoga massage techniques.


Lara is a massage therapist and has recently become a yoga teacher after a long love affair with yoga. Lioba has been teaching hatha yoga for about 6 years now in Bristol and continues to deepen her experience of it through further training and practise. She is also a Shiatsu & nutritional therapist, and a masseuse with a passion for the healing arts.

Amba Black and white
Amba Other

Amba Yoga for ‘Every-Body’


Amba has been teaching yoga for over a decade in a wide variety of settings ranging from various health institutions, day centres and schools through to gyms and yoga studio’s. Amba enjoys adapting yoga to many different situations and bodies and is passionate about an evolving Yoga for the modern world.

Scaravelli inspired Yoga-

This workshop is suitable for all, beginners and experienced.  Scaravelli inspired yoga invites a meditative quality or deeper listening of what is happening within movement and postures, so that this greater awareness can help us find what may be holding us in certain movement patterns and invites us to find deeper connections inside.  Amba will guide you through a slow attentive yoga class in which you will be invited to kindly observe intention in movement and habitual less conscious movement so that perhaps a greater freedom in our postures can be explored  as we open to new possibilities.  This way of working has a strong emphasis on connecting to the deeper postural muscles and finding strength and stability from deep inside whilst letting go of unnecessary tension.

Family Yoga-

Come and play yoga with your little ones (all ages welcome). We will weave some fun into our yoga for all the family to enjoy and the class will include postures, partner yoga, free movement and relaxation.


Vinyasa yoga (flow) with Ananda

Vinyasa yoga (flow) with Ananda

The class includes flowing poses moving smoothly from one into another whilst working deeply with the breath, looking to create a meditative peaceful state . The class will start with a gentle energising warm up, moving on to flowing standing poses, then some seated and floor work. During the class we’ll explore ‘grounding’, ‘effort’ and ‘tension’ and how the body works with gravity. The class will end with a deep relaxation to allow the body time to assimilate the benefits of the class and for students to perhaps glimpse or connect with their true nature.

Ananda has been practising yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2005. She was drawn to yoga after working long hours in her management role and eventually suffering with stress . She was a regular at the gym but never to any classes until she was invited to a yoga class by a colleague and that was where her journey began. She found it to be the only way she could unwind, switch-off and find peace and relaxation. That was the day her life changed.

Searching for a class that gave her everything she needed at that time, she tried a variety of styles such as Ashtanga, Iyengar and Sivananda, until Integral Yoga teacher Rowan Cobelli came to cover a class at her gym. His style and approach instilled a calmness in her she had never felt before. She sought out local Integral Yoga classes and became a regular student, deepening her practise with Rowan and IY teacher, Sumukhi Webb.

After continuing to focus on Integral Yoga for another year, she fell deeper in love with her practice and the teachings of Swami Satchidananda  (founder of Integral Yoga ). After completing 200 hours teaching training in basic asana, Ananda later went on to study Intermediate yoga (180 hours) and she continues to attend regular classes, workshops and retreats. Her individual style has developed from her background in Integral Yoga, daily learnings, and her love of gentle and challenging flowing sequences.


Emily Katsuno Yoga
States of Yin

Yin Yoga with Emily Aiko Katsuno

States of Yin

The space is still, the breath is deep, we may barely move but we feel so much. Words are spoken inviting a state of being. The invitation is to rediscover…

Surrender, stillness, water, space, reflection, earth, release, moon, expand, let go, fluidity, darkness, softness, witness, descent, deep rest.

Using simple floor based asana’s and breathwork a slow journey will invite the unfolding of the above states of yin throughout the five yogic layers of our being; the physical, the energetic, the emotional, the wisdom and the bliss. Awakening and embodying these states brings balance to our lives gifting us the space and time to peer deeply within ourselves and witness what is present. Allow what is there. Accept who we are.

Through yogic shapes held for time we find timelessness. We physically release our muscles and bones into the earth, merging us and her. We are challenged, we stretch deeply beyond our connective tissue and into our energy lines. We move beyond. We gain flexibility, energy can circulate more freely and the breath can deepen. A vitality quickens yet we can descend more deeply into the earth. Balance starts to return, we feel alive yet calm, relaxed yet energised. The sun and moon, the yin and yang, the darkness and light are realigning within ourselves.

Emily Aiko Katsuno

Emily has been practising yoga for thirteen years and teaching for six. She spent much of her twenties travelling to India studying at world renowned centers and ashrams.  She received her Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala, India from Yoga Life and continued to live in Asia for two years immersing herself in the practice and teaching of yoga.

On her return to the U.K she settled in Devon and trained as a yoga therapist and pregnancy yoga teacher with the Devon School of Yoga and has become passionate about yoga as a healing art form. After a yang filled decade in her twenties practising lots of dynamic yoga Emily was guided to find a deep state of yin in her own being when calling in her son Kaio and her journey into the healing power of yoga deepened.

Emily’s eclectic yogic experiences are very apparent in her teaching. Her classes weave together inspiration from a myriad of yoga practices, other ancient wisdom traditions and a deep connection to breath. There is a beauty in both movement and stillness, strength and softness, dynamic and gentle and all these elements are woven into her teachings, each class a journey designed to heal and connect us to all the layers of ourselves from the physical body all the way through to the spirit being. Classes are a musical voyage with devotional, awakening, inspiring music used to enhance the connection to the heart space and revitalise us on a cellular level. (Retreats)


Immerse in Supreme Love – Pranayama and Mantra Meditation

We all want the love force to be the dominating prana that is animating us. When our energy is concentrated in the lower chakras we reside in the underworld or the realm of the subconscious mind from where our perspective is narrow and easily triggered emotionally. Yet when we move Prana up the chakras to the heart centre we become warm hearted, tuned in and magnetic. This allows for a cultivation of genuine self worth, self acceptance and self love.

Join me as we begin our day with a deep fall into Supreme Love.

Learn to use your breath as a powerful tool to build physical and mental vitality and create the condition which will give us more access to the Love Supreme.


Satisfy the desire within, a longing for our own true nature and that which created us. That is the ultimate fall into love that allows for the pure expression of our highest qualities as human beings.

No previous experience necessary, if you can breathe, you can do it! Please ensure you have an empty stomach (3 hours) and bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket.

It is my honour and privilege to share this ancient knowledge with you – Namaste!

Sangeeta ♥

   Perfect Health is your Divine Birthright


Pranayama with Sangeeta

Pranayama found me ten years ago during a life changing experience which led me to India to my teacher Swami RamdevJi.

Using prana (universal life force) consciously in each breath, is deeply healing and a complete self medication. The immune system is strengthened as toxins are eliminated. Balancing the chemistry of the brain helps to release fears and emotional blocks. Breathing techniques provide tools to tap into healing vitality.

Breath is our greatest teacher for opening the heart, so we experience our truth. As we find self-love, we are free to give unconditional love to others. When we transform and heal ourselves, we heal the world.

It is my honour and privilege to share these ancient teachings. Everyone is welcome to come and experience the profound and transformational effects of Pranayama.

Colourfest sessions

Come and experience your colourful aliveness as we step through a Pranayama sequence of breaths, leading to meditation. No previous experience is necessary, if you can breathe, you can do it! Please ensure you have an empty stomach (3/4 hours) and bring a cushion to sit on.

Perfect Health is your Divine Birthright

DJ John Tree

Yoga and Sounds – Angela Ross and DJ John Tree

Colourfest welcomes back Angela Ross with her Blackpool based event ‘Yoga and Sounds’. This year the 90 minute class will be accompanied by DJ John Tree mixing deep, immersive and ethereal tracks. The music has been carefully selected to be in sync with the class and to facilitate a deeper experience of the breath and asanas. John is the founder of the Perfumed Garden stage at The Beat-Herder festival and has been DJing since 1991. Together John and Angela have selected tracks from John’s eclectic and extensive library to produce a truly unique audio experience. Beginning with sounds recorded from inside the Taj Mahal (Paul Horn) this really is a wonderful musical journey which has been crafted with a great deal of time and love.



Cloe Jackson



What: Expressive Flow Yoga, Live Music and Sound Healing. This is a rhythmic and inspiring blend of yoga and live sounds. This event will take you on a journey through different elements of sound, sensation and sequences. The Yoga is the means to get into your body to feel yourself, heal yourself and free yourself. The vibrations and potency of music and vocals will take you deeper, into unexplored and forgotten spaces, and fill you with a new lease of self awareness, self connection and self knowing.
The music will be a creative mix of mantras, shamanic sounds and rich angelic tones.
You will then be swept away on a Sound Healing experience as you dissolve back into the earth and let the rejuvenating sounds take you on a journey of deep expansion, authentic awakening and sweet surrender.
This is a joyful, healing and nourishing event…to excite your senses and your soul.

Why: To feel deeply nourished and on top of your world at peace and fully connected to yourself, your body and your life.




Helen McCabe1

Helen McCabe

Helen practises and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Dorset, where she is director of ‘Yoga at the Space’ in the beautiful Purbecks. As well as the regular classes, Helen also teaches Yoga for Pregnancy and runs regular self practice weeks, retreats and workshops, both in Dorset and Internationally.  She started practicing yoga in 1991 when she was working in the film industry and had just had her first daughter. It has played a major part in her life ever since. She completed the BWY 3 year teacher training course in 2005 and subsequently both level 1 and 2 teacher training courses with her main teachers John Scott and Lucy Crawford, for whom she owes huge gratitude. She is recognised by Yoga Alliance UK as a Senior Yoga Teacher and last year was given the honour of being accredited by John as one of his senior yoga teachers, one of only a handful worldwide.

Helen aims to bring a mindful and gentle approach to sharing this practice and the powerful tool which it can be for everyday life.

She is also passionate about the importance of building community. Her own practice and exploration of yoga is ongoing as she continues to learn not just from her own teachers but also from all the people that she has the privilege of sharing yoga with. As a mother of two grown up daughters the involvement with the Urban Yogis UK project which looks to share this practice with young people is also very close to her heart.

Class description:

In this session, Helen and Nat will hold a space in which we invite practitioners to explore the softer side of this amazing practice.  The session will start by bringing awareness to the breath, our life force, and look at how to protect the softness and fullness of breath so that as we begin to move from stillness into and out of the forms of the postural practice, the breath remains as the central thread and focus of the practice.  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice but it’s strength and beauty comes from an innate breath and subtle body awareness and an understanding of how to move with this intelligence, which allows us to move with Grace and evolves over time from regular practice.  They will guide you through the traditional flowing sequence, encouraging you to connect to your own felt sense of each movement.  We will also explore how we can resource ourselves with an awareness of working with the midline of our body, so that we can find the balance of Sthira Sukha.  Ideally, a knowledge of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System would be helpful but this class is open to practitioners of all levels of experience.





Matthew Adams
Matt & Esme

Matthew Adams & Esmeralda Vere

Acro Yoga for beginners

Matthew and Esmeralda met on the way to a Spanish desert last year. They got stuck and stranded in a car park and so started playing with some acroyoga moves to pass the time. Their bodies clicked and they had a tonne of fun so they carried on with their aerial adventures throughout the rest of the year. Esmeralda is also a Yoga teacher based in Paris and Matthew teaches Barefoot Running.

Esmeralda bio:
I first discovered yoga at a festival at the age of 12, and was blown away by the immediate sense of well-being I experienced. After spending a few years experimenting with different styles, I fell in love with the dynamic balance of Vinyasa yoga in 2013. The step to teaching felt natural as I found myself spending more and more time on my mat and I graduated from Frog Lotus International Yoga School in 2015.
I am passionate about making the benefits of yoga available to everybody; self-love and honouring the body’s unique journey take centre stage. My classes are a safe and nurturing environment to explore and experience positive shifts (with an uplifting original soundtrack).

instagram @sparkle_bones
instagram @esmeraldayoga

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