Red Tent Bournemouth at Colourfest

Facilitators: Teresa Bilowus and Helen Gialias

Red Tent Bournemouth is a vibrant community of women located on the stunning coastline of south-west England. We are passionate about womb wisdom empowerment. We facilitate powerful sisterhood gatherings (fortnightly), healing arts workshops, mother and daughter mentorship programs (Daughters of Women), Special Talking Circles, a regular menopause program (Seasons of Menopause), world-wide womb blessings, women’s study groups and a monthly women’s book club. Red Tent Bournemouth is open to women regardless of age, culture, religion, sexuality, background, stage of life, or political persuasion. Our vision is to provide a safe and sacred space for all women to be heard.

Red Tent Bournemouth has a permanent Red Tent space set up at Colourfest. This space can be used for the duration of the festival as a quiet retreat for women to rest and just ‘be’. (Babes in arms are welcome)


 Red Tent Bournemouth Facilitator Bio:

Helen Gialias empowers and supports women and girls through major life transitions, including menarche, motherhood and menopause, as well as healing from difficult life circumstances such as divorce, bereavement, miscarriage, infertility, illness, physical and emotional stress, trauma, and abuse. She draws on a variety of gentle approaches including homeopathy, womb blessings, womb healing and mentoring as well as her own personal experience of life. Helen is a qualified homeopath, menstruality mentor and women’s holistic health educator and workshop facilitator. Helen is a registered Moon Mother who walks the path of the Divine Feminine. She also facilitates Red Tent Bournemouth (Dorset, UK) and runs workshops educating women about the rites of passage from menarche to menopause.


Teresa Bilowus is a facilitator of workshops and retreats pertaining to Women’s Blood Mysteries. She is a Menstruality Empowerment Activist. Teresa facilitates Red Tent Bournemouth (Dorset, UK) and is the founder of Daughters of Women, a powerful coming-of-age mentorship program for girls. Teresa is passionate about giving voice to womb-space wisdom and educating women on the rites-of-passage from menarche to menopause and beyond. Teresa mentors women all over the world in setting up Red Tents and Sacred Spaces for Women. She is currently birthing ‘Voices From The Red Tent – The Extraordinary Stories of Women’ – a global book series giving voice to women’s lives. She is a freelance writer published in the genres of women’s spirituality, metaphysics, women’s health, travel and conscious parenting. Teresa runs regular literature circles and study groups for women.


In 2018, Red Tent Bournemouth will be running two workshops at Colourfest:

 Womb Magic Woman Power – Where are you in your cycle right now? Where are your emotions at? Are you feeling calm, inspired and enlivened? Or are feelings of rage, injustice and unfairness coming up for you? This workshop will help you understand how to transform your relationship with your body, your changing emotional rhythms and how to use the wisdom of your cycle to create more balance between your masculine and feminine powers. This is a workshop for all women regardless of age or stage of life. If you are no longer menstruating for whatever reason it is still relevant as you can follow the lunar cycle. Learn how to harness your blood energy and empower your life from within.

Seasons of Menopause Journey For Women – Have you noticed changes in your cycle? Are you fearful of menopause? Maybe you are in the throes of menopause and are struggling to understand what is happening to you? You are not alone. This workshop is a taster of our year-long Seasons of Menopause Journey For Women. This is about empowering women through holistic education. We look at menopause in a positive way and help women step into and claim their power. We will touch on several areas from our wider Seasons of Menopause program such as ‘What’s Happening To My Cycle?’, The Role of Hormones in Menopause, and ‘I Feel Like I’m Going Crazy! What Is Happening To Me?’. We promote natural alternatives to physical and emotional menopausal symptoms. We encourage women to come along and learn about menopause as a life-enhancing, powerful rite-of-passage.

For further information please contact:

Teresa Bilowus 07501 322 294

Helen Gialias 07825 447 756



Facebook: Red Tent Bournemouth

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