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What is the work?

The work is the purpose of human life. We are here to do the work. The work I am speaking of is the journey of the soul. We are here on planet earth to evolve. Evolution means continuously gaining more awareness and freedom. There are many different areas in which a human being can evolve and awaken to higher freedom, and when it comes to evolution, there is not one “true” way.

There is however a true way of evolution for each unique individual. Some souls evolve through relationships, some through meditation and others through their career and service. The path of evolution is different for each individual, and  will change throughout the lifespan of an individual. In order to live out our evolution here on earth we have to listen to the calling of our heart. The passion of our heart leads us to our growing edge and the place where we have the most to learn.

There is no right or wrong, higher or lower, spiritual or unspiritual. There is only what is and what you are becoming.

In the following of your heart, you will be forced to meet every single belief, feeling and emotion that is holding you back from doing what you are here to do.

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