A Space for Adults & Kids

The Family Event Space

This year we are opening again our ‘Family Event Space’   It’ s a space for parents and kids to come together and share activity.

Family Yoga & Creativity with Maitri

 This One hour workshop will guide you through the practice of yoga nidra and the exploration of positive intention  (sankalpa) through story telling and painting.  Maitri will guide you to discover your own unique sankalpa (positive intention) which transforms your life in which ever direction you desire. You will be invited to explore your creativity and paint a secret image embodying your sankalpa onto a stone. Maitri will guide you through the relaxation and restorative practice of Yoga Nidra where you will be invited to repeat your sankalpa. 

Maitri means friendliness, good will and kindness and this is what inspires her life and is at the essence of her teaching. She teaches from The Woodland Retreat on the Isle Of Wight and follows the Bihar Tradition sharing these ancient yoga practices designed to meet the needs of the modern world.  

Maitri teaches yoga and facilitates workshops which combine ancient yoga practises with creative activities. With her background as an art teacher, she now combines these two disciplines to offer enriching and uplifting experiences to re-connect people to their true essence. She hopes to inspire people to embrace yoga and art to transform and empower their lives.  She offers practical ways for people to nurture and care for themselves so they can be the best version of themselves and rediscover their wholeness.  


Family Yoga and Dancing Freedom with Sofia Bolton

Family Yoga and Dancing Freedom is an uplifting and nourishing space for families to connect with each other through embodied play (child-like yoga), free form dance (Dancing Freedom) and yogic relaxation. The whole family puts their awareness to a dynamic yoga story that weaves itself into free form dance supported by the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. At the end there’s space to relax, cuddle and appreciate one another.

Sofia is known to create a safe container to playfully challenge the comfort zones of those willing to engage, allowing the ‘small being’ to feel safe to express themselves and be in the moment. A qualified yoga teacher and Dancing Freedom facilitator, teaching for the last 8 years, Sofia has been dedicated to holding space for the well-being of children, children with special needs and adults through yoga and dance.

Shamanic/Spiritual bee connection with Belinda Bluebell

I have recently become a natural bee keeper. I approach bee keeping as a bee guardian, and feel this is important for the bees well being.

We will have an hour to explore the wisdom of the bees learning about them and exploring movements similar to how they would move in nature.  We will make groups of 4-6 people, where one goes and searches for food, brings it back to the group, then does a waggle dance to tell others where it is.