Dancewithyourkids with Sophie Bolton

A chance to free style dance with your kids, facilitated and djayed by Sophie.
Expect to leave feeling energised, calm and more connected to one another. There will be some playful spontaneous guidance to inspire fun ways to connect with your children. Examples of this will be through storytelling and animal/nature role play, resting, awareness of breath and general playful silliness.


Sumi Painting and Origami With Minako

SUMI-E is the Japanese word for Black Ink Painting. East Asian Painting and writing developed together in ancient China using the same materials —brush and ink on paper. Emphasis is placed on the beauty of each individual stroke of the brush. The Chinese speak of “writing a painting” and “painting a poem.” A great painting was judged on three elements: the calligraphy strokes, the words of the poetry (often with double meanings and subtle puns) and the ability of the painting strokes to capture the spirit (Ch’i) of nature rather than a photographic likeness. The artists of Japan, Korea and Malaysia learned from the Chinese and then developed their own versions of East Asian brush painting.


Children & family Yoga @ ColorFest with Jocasta

Children really enjoy doing yoga and it’s a lovely discipline to learn when young. We explore the yoga poses through stories, games, couple yoga and other fun ways. This class is open to children and also to parents, aunts and uncles, neighbours and grannies. It is class is a 1 hour class where we come together, stretch, breath, chant, massage, play, experiment and enjoy a good time.  Children enjoy sharing activities with the adults in their life and we love teaching multi-generational classes.

Jocasta Crofts is a trained Infant Massage Educator, Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME), Somatic Movement Educator, Professional dance artist, qualified Yoga teacher and a qualified & practicing massage therapist. She lives in Bristol with her son and loves to share all of her skills through movement, touch and play.



Family Despacho & Qoya with Iga

Family Despacho – Gratitude Ceremony

The Despacho is a gift to spirit, or the organising principles of the Universe, and is a ritual of energetic exchange for healing, re-establishing right relationship and protection. Let the ceremony be simple. You say thank you. You say thank you for as much as you can think of. And then you keep saying thank you until you feel like you could say thank you for hours.

We will build parcels of prayer using earthly gifts like grains, sweets, leaves, flowers etc. representing abundance, our relationship with everything, earthly elements, healing and more, then we will wrap them up like a gift and offer it in gratitude to Mother Earth by feeding it back to her by burning, burying or giving it to the flowing water.

You can build one as a family or create your individual despacho filled with your own intentions and prayer.

Family Qoya – Dancing with Your True Colours

Space to express freely and unwind in intuitive movement gently guided through breathing, circling, shaking, free dance and simple yoga stretches.

Qoya is fun, relaxing, intuitive, free-flowing movement for all the family. We will dive into expressing ourselves… where there is no wrong and if it feel good it means you are doing right.  Everyone is welcome to come and shake their body back to buzzing…

The musical theme in honour of Colourfest and what it stands for will be True Colours. We will invoke all shades of colours into our bodies and let them flow through us freely in the movement and beyond.

About Iga and Qoya:

Intu Expression is Iga’s commitment to spread the love through my own dance expression and co-expression in the intuitive movement with others. We have it all in us and our body knows exactly what it needs in any moment, as long as we keep on tuning into our inner knowing (intuition) we cannot go wrong. As in Qoya – there is no wrong or right – if it feels good – it means you are doing it right. And that is what she stands for – the diversified experience, the sharing of our uniqueness, when we join in the movement of embodying our: wise, wild and free essence.

She would love to introduce Qoya to all who are drawn to express themselves freely through intuitive movement. Qoya – means God(dess) – and serves to bring this beautiful, powerful, confident energy in us through remembering in movement.

And she is… Iga – mother, dancer, discoverer of spiritual truth, free spirit…



Family Drumming with Somesh De Swardt

An in the moment spontaneous music making experience for all ages and all abilities. Come and have fun with drums, percussion and voice led by a master drum circle facilitator Somesh De Swardt. A Drumcircle is a living breathing percussion orchestra. Somesh guides the group to experience their creative musical expression using a variety of instruments while having a whole lot of fun. Everyone participates from tapping of the foot to dancing.

We drum together because..Taking part in group music making reaffirms and strengthens the bonds between individuals, and by extension, the bonds to family, community, country and planet. The process of practising and performing music in an enviroment which welcomes every individual’s contributions opens the channels for creative energy to flow freely. As this energy moves it nurtures, heals, and uplifts the participants.

Somesh De Swardt has been playing percussion and leading group music making sessions for over 20 years. He has trained with master percussionists from Africa and around the world including Mamady Keita and Arthur Hull. He is an expert in bringing out the musical abilities in a group through rhythm and voice in a fun and uplifting way.

More Coming Soon


Schedule for the LIGHT at Colourfest 2018

Welcome to the LIGHT (Living in Grateful Harmony Tent) Join us for an en-lightening array of uplifting & transformational workshops and also our evening cacao activations and jams. Feel at home in our snug temple of expressions, conneciton and play. We also welcome children to join us for special activities and bedtime storytellings each day.

DAY 1 –

2pm3pmWelcome Games and Opening Intention Ritual.All AgesCurly + Co.
3pm4pmKids WiggleShop – Story-Making and Drama GamesKids and FamilySarah Hutchinson
6pm7pmBedtime Storytime w/ Curly the ImaginicianKids and FamilyCurly
8pm10.30pmThe Cozy Experience – Authentic Relating & Cuddle PartyAll AgesAmy Hoop Lovin



10am11amTransformational Sound CeremonyAll AgesCharlie Roscoe
11am12.30pmIntro to Comedy ImprovisationAdult OnlyBubbles la Fae
1pm2pmSacred Song Circle – Ecstatic SingingAll AgesSarah Hutchinson
2pm3pmThe LoveShop – Ways to share LOVE.Adult OnlyCurly
3pm5pmDancing with your Shadow – With DominiqueAdult OnlyDominique
6pm7pmBedtime Storytime w/ Curly the ImaginicianKids and FamilyCurly
8pm8.30pmTea Ceremony + MeditationAdult OnlyCurly
8.30pm10pmMusic with Green T (Avalon Roots) and Friends.All AgesGreen T + co.



10am11amTransformational Sound CeremonyAll AgesCharlie Roscoe
11am12pmSatsang with Curly – ‘The Divinity of Play.’All AgesCurly
1pm2pmClown Chakra Activation – Divine PlayAll AgesCurly
2pm3pmCreative Writing WorkshopAdult OnlyOlivia Fern
4pm5pmKirtan & Ecstatic Song CircleSarah Hutchinson
6pm7pmBedtime Storytime – TIME WILL TELL SHOWKids and FamilyCurly
8.30pm10pmKIRTAN SONG CIRCLE + OPEN HEART, OPEN MICAdultOlivia Fern and friends



10am11amTransformational Sound CeremonyAll agesCharlie Roscoe
12pm1pmKids WiggleShop – Story-Making and Drama GamesKids and FamilySarah Hutchinson
3pm(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping CircleDominique

Pow Wow for the new Rainbow Warriors!

With talking stick circle ..for sharing our hopes ,fears ,& purposes in the emerging new world.” If you have ideas of how you can help our earth , people’s animals, plants ect we want to hear it! If you don’t yet..then come & find them !


Roseananda is a grandmother with over 45 years exploring & practicing multi-cultural methods of healing & movement.A Reiki master also qualified in Spiritual Psychotherapeutics & Sound Healing, with trainings & initiations in shamanism, primarily Hungarian & Andean. Her lifelong love of Nature flows through motherhood & diverse careers as a performer & facilitator of transformational &  Sacred Dance, psychic guide & healer ,goat herd &organic smallholder! Currently offering one on ones & trainings in Shamanic Healing,& looking forward to sharing more with the children….” In these fast changing times I offer simple ,joyful ways to empower their natural interconnectedness & abilities as inspired co-creators of the Future..”


PoP-Up Pottery studio

Immerse yourself in creativity at our drop in clay workshops where you can throw a pot on the wheel or sculpt your own totem to take home. We are also asking you to join us to create a site specific installation of clay nature spirits over the course of the weekend.

Clay workshops are suitable for everyone and provide a space where individual masterpieces can be created by many.

Start Time
Finish Time
Nature SpritesFRI10am12pmSprites den
Drop in pottery workshopsFRI1pm4pmFamily Area
Nature SpritesSAT10am12pmSprites den
Drop in pottery workshopsSAT10am5pmFamily Area
Drop in pottery workshopsSUN11am1pmFamily Area


Moon Studio Ceramics was founded in 2015 by artist Imogen Charleston.  From her studio in Christchurch Imogen provides classes for adults, school groups and families. These hands on practical classes will enable you to make everything yourself, from scratch. Classes are designed to encourage creativity and nurture self development through art practice

Find out more here.


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