Families at Colourfest

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Dancing Free with Emilie Barton

Dancing Free is a fun and releasing free-movement session incorporating somatic techniques. Dance for your well-being, happiness and mindfulness in these fully guided sessions designed to unleash the natural movement within your body. Often we are clenched and taut with the tension of daily life that resides itself in the body. If you want to release tension and dance for the fun of dancing – then this is the session for you. We will take the time to enter the body without worrying about how look – but considering how we feel and how we can enjoy movement.

We will begin with a relaxing and meditative body scan. As we enter a ‘conscious’ state, I will continue to verbally guide you into unique movement explorations. With imaginative storylines and the addition of beautiful music, we will rejoice with time for energetic and heartfelt dancing before retiring for a short relaxation.


Emilie Barton a Dance Artist, Movement Practitioner and professional Marketeer with a specialism in Dance. After training vocationally in Ballet, Modern Jazz and Tap in Bournemouth – Emilie pursued Contemporary dance and achieved her BA Hons in Dance Studies from Roehampton University (2015). Emilie was inspired by somatic practices and conscious movement at University. Upon graduation she delved into personal and physical development in this area. Emilie practices yoga, meditation, mindfulness and free movement whenever she can. Attending one-on-one sessions, free movement and somatic gatherings such as, the Somatic Movement Gathering (2017, Siobhan Davies Studios), has inspired the desire to merge her dance and somatic experience into one.




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