Whats on at Colourfest 2020

Listen to the hearts deepest calling.

Be quiet.  Feel where life is moving.

We have gathered another wonderful program

full of amazing offerings.

What’s On

With many more still being confirmed

Contact Improvisaton

Contact Improvisation Workshop Contact Improvisation is a practice of how two or more bodies move together as one in physical contact, within a spontaneously unfolding improvise dance.  It can be [...]

Swami Asokananda

Swami Asokananda, a monk since 1975, is one of Integral Yoga’s® (IY) foremost teachers—known for his warmth, intelligence, and good humor. His teaching comes out of his own practice and [...]

Soft Power Wisdom Oracling

Colourfest 2020 workshops Katinka Soetens Women’s Sacred Space workshop: Soft Power Wisdom oracling. (2 hours): Women only In this Soft Power Wisdom oracling workshop, we will connect to the [...]

Gong Bath with Bhanu

Bhanu has had a deep passion and connection with sound since attending a one day sound workshop in 2008. This connection led him to study a Diploma course with the British Academy of Sound [...]

Prajna Ginty

A dedication to the Truth of Being with Prajna Ginty Prajna’s Journey: In 1986, after the death of her first teacher Eunice Zimmerman, Prajna was introduced to Satsang and Non-dual Wisdom [...]

Meeting In Truth With Ananta

Ananta grew up in London and left England aged 19 with the strong desire to live as a Free Being. This first expressed itself through travel and lead her to Asia in 1989 where she lived until [...]

ContaKids – Children & Parents

ContaKids – Children & Parents ContaKids is a movement and contact experience for children and parents rooted in the celebration of play and joy. It is a unique approach that utilises [...]

Contact Improvisation Jam

Contact Improvisation Jam A guided warm up into a free creative exploration of Contact Improvisation with live improvising musicians. David Leahy works as both a lecturer and dance musician in [...]

Kali Yuga Jive

A STORY-CONCERT:  Love is impossible, Life a beautiful mistake. And it don’t mean a thing   -Sweet Durga Durga- If it ain’t got that swing! Story-wizzard Iwan Kushka is joined by everybody’s [...]

Kim Roswitha – Into Your Heart

Kim Roswitha, founder of Into your heart retreats, is an adventurous open-minded and open-hearted dutch woman, who lives in Southern Spain. She offers retreats focused on awareness and personal [...]

Body percussion – Algy Behrens

Body percussion and nature rhythm walks with Algy Behrens. The body percussion and nature rhythm walks  are a great way to gain percussive/rhythmic skills without having to use drums or [...]

Lorraine Taylor

Lorraine Taylor: From a very young age, Lorraine was fascinated by the beauty of movement and music. Her childhood was spent exploring the body through gymnastics, ice skating and different [...]

Blazing into Self Mastery

Blazing into Self Mastery- Sangeeta Chohan Pranayama Workshop At Colourfest we will be exploring a practice that facilitates the cleansing of the subconscious mind to release years/life-mes of [...]

Awaken & Nourish Your Empowered Voice

‘Transform the fears you hold around your voice and join me in a gentle and playful exploration of the power, fragility, beauty, wildness and creative individuality of our voices.’ Tallulah [...]


Bioenergetics is a Body-based Therapy and Step-Up Tool that removes emotional holding patterns from your muscle system. You can use Bioenergetics in two ways… …. as a Therapy, to free yourself [...]

Limbic Imprint ReCoding Meditation

Colourfest welcomes Barbara and Michal who will be offering two sessions ab this years event.  These will be a deep dive in 3 hour sessions. Limbic Imprint ReCoding Meditation – a signature [...]

Tulsi’s Temple

Soma Yoga – Tulsi’s Temple – A Soma Yoga Nidra and Sound Journey Experience with Nicole and Gisela Russo.  Using Nidra techniques, Shamanic Journeying, Soma Yoga and Sound bathing we will [...]

Breathing Art Mandala

Raila: Breathing Art Mandala gathers various specialists, artists and their works to support tropical reforesting. Listen to the interviews and enjoy. Breathing Art Mandala community page [...]

Caradon Kirtan

Caradon Kirtan began in 2019 with Agata and Julie, two bhakti yogis from the beautiful Caradon area of Cornwall. Julie’s bhakti journey began in the mid 1980’s after an emotional breakdown and [...]

Sunny Davidson

Sunny Davidson is a singer-songwriter, song carrier, ceremonial drummer and multi instrumentalist. During his time journeying with the sacred fire of Itzatchilatlan and drumming for tobacco [...]

Saadho Kirtan

Saadho is an ever evolving collective of friends walking together on the path of inner knowing, loving and blossoming. It is a collective that helps each other stay consistently authentic and [...]

Loving Your Body Space

  Loving Your Body Space – Soma Yoga for your 5 Elements.  Yoga refers to an action of yoking or harnessing. The 2 powers that must be harnessed are the life force and the inner intelligence. [...]


Sika carries us into a world of earth wisdom and mystery. His music invokes a primal memory, soaring from lush rainforests to desert caves, from firesides to moonlit skies. Hypnotic rhythms that [...]

Full-body Dancing with Tom

. . Full-body Dancing: like people, like particles, like planets.  Solo, partner and group dances and movement practices that navigate fundamental energies of emergence, initiation, response and [...]

Algy Behrens

Algy has years of experience in  performing, running workshops and  music production. His eclectic musical journey started when he was a child. He was brought up in Italy and was given a guitar [...]

Lula Rose McGill

Vinyasa Flow for Intermediate Students Lula will guide you through the next 90 minutes with creative vinyasa sequences designed to increase strength, flexibility and breath awareness. With a [...]

Kinship Workshop

. . Kinship Workshop invites participants into experiential relationship to nature, landscape and other species through grounding physical practice. From this enlivening and thought-provoking [...]


Workshop 1 “Listening to your dancer – expression, connection and resting in the body”   Workshop 2 “Deep in the rhythm  – letting go to the rhythms from within, dropping into [...]

Sophie Nevill

Sophie has been playing music and writing her own songs for the last 8 years. Many of her songs are inspired by her own life experience and spiritual lessons that she has learned upon the way. [...]

Olivia Fern

Olivia Fern – earthy, soulful songstress from The Lake District- is fast making a name for herself in the UK Folk and Alternative scene. Last year saw her touring alongside acclaimed artists such [...]

Healing with Sacred Sounds

. . In the Deep Relaxation Space Ammaprema Grace will be offering some deep relaxation sessions with very gentle Sacred Sounds. She works with Her Gong, Tibetan and Crystal bowls and Solfeggio [...]


. . Comprising 3 singer songwriters each established in their own right, Outlandish features the sounds of Wendy Jane, Kez Hinton and Graham Wey, all of whom have graced the stages of Colourfest [...]

Victor Chetcuti

Victor has been with us from the beginning and his intimate sets around the fire have been some of the most memorable.  We’re very glad he keeps coming back.  Very honored to welcome him [...]

Thrive  – A family session

Hearts open when all co-create the soundscape together – with singing and drumming, chanting and dancing. ‘Thrive’ workshops are the unique original blend of Magdalena’s [...]


SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE JOURNEY with Lisa Bridge & Live music, percussion & drumming provided by sound alchemists Paul Cerigo and Ruth Ford. Held in ceremonial and sacred space, supported [...]

Patrick Morrow

Patrick Morrow is the founder of Tigerspeaks. He is a musician, author and storyteller.  He’s host of ‘The Parent Journey Podcast”, and the leader of Songs of Freedom and Forest [...]

Glenn Ross

With a style that invites you into a deep web of song, Glenn Ross weaves a narrative that is both thought-provoking and poignant.

Alexander Workshops

These interactive workshops will demonstrate how the Alexander Work can really affect the way you move, think and feel. Improve posture, release tension, relieve stress, and enhance your yoga [...]

Magdalena Atkinson

Magdalena Atkinson – a soulful singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, yogini, music therapy facilitator and a dreamer … Her music gently heals confusion, empowers and inspires. Experience [...]

Isabel Cressy (Indira Devi Dasi)

Isabel Cressy (Indira Devi Dasi) invites you to bathe in the sweet nectar of Devotional Love through the union of our heartfelt voices.  She has been playing music for over 25 years, working [...]


James Frost is a songwriter, singer and acoustic guitarist, who sings to the open-hearted and authentic nature in us all. His live shows challenge the typical performer-audience boundaries and [...]

Creative Kids

We are delighted to welcome back Dorset based Arts Education Charity Creative Kids who will be offering free arts and crafts workshops in willow sculpture. Children will learn how to make willow [...]

Nalini & Friends

. . Ceremonial Concert with Nalini & Friends . Nalini is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, sound healer, ceremonialist and workshop facilitator. Over the last 20 years, she has [...]

Essence and Mystery

Mixed group Movement meditation (2hrs) Become conscious of the flow of Nature and your connection to the sacred life force in your body and in the land. Becoming aware that, at any moment, we may [...]

Bob Hillary

Bob Hillary & the Massive Mellow Bob is a folk Singer-songwriter who makes music that is Earthy, funky & positive, with a strong World music influence. He is a passionate advocate of the [...]

Yoga with Amba

Our relationship to Self, others and the natural world Amba will be offering yoga workshops which invite participants to explore their relationship  to themselves and the natural world. As the [...]

Offerings with Elahn & Gisela

For the last 11 years or so Elahn Keshava & Radhe (Gisela Lirusso) have been running Shekinashram the much loved devotional sanctuary and Bhakti Yoga ashram in Glastonbury.   The ashram is [...]

Devotional Songs of the Heart

Join Georgia Palmer in singing a range of circle songs and Kirtan; all with a focus on the loving heart of devotion. We will sing songs from around the world that unite us in heart-felt intention [...]

Kids/Family Yoga with Jocasta

Kids/Family Yoga with Jocasta   This year our Yoga classes will focus on our connection with nature. Many of the Yoga asanas were inspired by the natural world. There are the elemental poses like [...]

 Dj Shanna Mandira

. . Dj Shanna Mandira has been Djing for 35 years playing at  various festivals such as Glastonbury Festival, Blue Rock, Dance Camp Wales , Osho Leela’s Puravida Clubbing nights and [...]

DJ sets with Parvesh

I am Parvesh – the Lord of Celebration and I bring you sunshine and sublime sounds from across Brazil, Africa and Europe. I weave musical genres of samba, rap, rhumba and ghetto-funk to get [...]

Ruth Blake

Ethereal songstress Ruth Blake writes multi-faceted contemporary folk, rich with symbol and story-telling, weaving hypnotic guitar riffs and tender poetry with rambunctious offbeat grooves and [...]

Georgia Palmer

Georgia Palmer is a travelling creative from North Devon. Her music tells tales of the world of the self, and adventures to lands within and without. Her passion for embodied presence and [...]

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall is a Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Sound Therapist, Qi Gong Teacher, Creative Facilitator & Songstress. To date she has crowd funded, released and toured four [...]

India Blue

India Blue:  Have you ever heard the music of the faeries? Gentle harp sounds with enchanting song. India Blue shares alt-folk music channeling the spirit of the fae. With poetic lyrics inspired [...]

Kez Hinton

New Forest Songwriter Kez Hinton is passionate about live music, supporting the local music community and connecting with his audience, and is thrilled to be returning to Colourfest this year [...]

Creative Kids @ Colourfest

Colourfest welcome Creative Kids to work alongside other artists to create a really beautiful set of offerings for our children. Creative Kids is an award-winning charity that gives children free [...]

Dancing Freedom for Families

Dancing Freedom for Families is a friendly, fun family event for all ages that offers games, movement and connection through free form dance and play. It is a place for building community and [...]

Yoga for Teens with Rosie

“A class designed specially for teens… Come along for an hour of Yoga with Rosie! Filled with mindfulness games, yoga flow, partner work, maybe even some acro challenges! Or just [...]

Sacred Belly Dance

. . Come, sisters, and explore the healing potency of Sacred Belly Dance! With a deep focus on inner growth and empowerment, you will learn some fundamental steps of Belly Dance whilst exploring [...]

Natural Dance with Leigh

Leigh is well known in the Bristol area for his ever popular Wed night ecstatic dance night. What started 15 years ago as a weekly 5 Rhythms® class, has now become an evolving exploration of 5R® [...]


Where do You exist? What is your essence and who is aware of it? With a radical new hypothesis as our map, these meditative explorations will investigate the key centres of the soul.  These [...]

Adrian Atma

. Adrian was born in France and started his journey with music in his early 20’s. autodidact learning by himself guitar, piano and many other instruments.  first band was a french songs [...]

Dancing the Goddess

Dancing the Goddess with Shakti Sundari:  is a powerful, transformative practice for EVERY WOMAN of connecting with & embodying the DIVINE FEMININE. Devised by Shakti Sundari, it synthesises [...]

Mateo Tabatabai

‘Meetings in Stillness are Meetings in Truth’ with Mateo Tabatabai   Mateo is a yogi dedicated to the path of moment-to-moment awakeness. He has studied and explored many [...]

Roving Crows

. Caitlin, Paul and Laurence make up 3 members of Celtic Folk Band ‘Roving Crows’. Roving Crows tour extensively across the UK and France taking on injustice and societal imbalance [...]

Ruth Blake

Ruth Blake.  Introspective and multi-faceted, singer-songwriter-guitarist Ruth Blake blends the numinous with the oh-so-very-human, dancing between hypnotic guitar riffs and tender poetry with [...]

Fool Expression Workshop

Fool Expression Workshop with Christie Dehoux Do you long for more play and authenticity? Are you ready to access more aspects of yourself? Are you ready for more inspiration in your life? The [...]

Dancing Beyond the Void

Francis will guide us into the awakened experience through the relaxed yet dynamic movement of body and breath. The 5Rhythms are rooted in real life. We dance alone, with partners and with the [...]

Sing from your heart – Eloise

Sing from your heart Find your voice and feel safe, free and happy in a fun environment creating beautiful noise bringing you back to your heart centre Let go of any inhabitions and play with [...]

Mystic Loop Project

Adrian atma It’s first a breath of fire and a wind of expansion. it’s a travel in the whole world in one song, an orchestra in one body, a whisper from the soul. The concert “Mystic [...]


Skedaddle is made up of professional musicians with many years of performing experience behind them.  We draw inspiration from a rich history of amazingly talented musicians who wrote great tunes [...]

5 Rhythms & Alive Collaboration

Alive are a collective of musicians brought together by Mark Fisher and have been playing for 5Rhythms and other movement practices for the past 10 years. They have diverse musical backgrounds [...]

Ceitidh Mac

Ceitidh Mac blends the warming tones of the cello and soaring vocals to create a transformative sound that puts a progressive twist on the alt.folk genre. Originally from Wales, now based in [...]

Omer Makassa

Omer is a Master Percussionist, experienced performer, singer, songs writer from Martinique in the Caribbean Island with a vibrant multicultural music scene. Omer is grow up in a musical family. [...]

DJ Pixi Pete

DJ Pixi Pete With over a decade of embodiment practises, self development workshops and as a musician, Peter has developed and expanded his Djing skills and knowledge to a high level and now [...]

Contact Improvisation

ContaKids – Teens ContaKids Teens is a movement and contact experience for teenagers rooted in play and fun. It is a unique approach which uses the body to explore different ways of moving, [...]


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