Whats on at Colourfest 2020

Listen to the hearts deepest calling.

Be quiet.  Feel where life is moving.

We have gathered another wonderful program

full of amazing offerings.

What’s On

With many more still being confirmed

Patrick Morrow

Patrick Morrow is the founder of Tigerspeaks. He is a musician, author and storyteller.  He’s host of ‘The Parent Journey Podcast”, and the leader of Songs of Freedom and Forest [...]

Creative Kids

We are delighted to welcome back Dorset based Arts Education Charity Creative Kids who will be offering free arts and crafts workshops in willow sculpture. Children will learn how to make willow [...]

Kids/Family Yoga with Jocasta

Kids/Family Yoga with Jocasta   This year our Yoga classes will focus on our connection with nature. Many of the Yoga asanas were inspired by the natural world. There are the elemental poses like [...]

Dancing Freedom for Families

Dancing Freedom for Families is a friendly, fun family event for all ages that offers games, movement and connection through free form dance and play. It is a place for building community and [...]

Creative Kids @ Colourfest

Colourfest welcome Creative Kids to work alongside other artists to create a really beautiful set of offerings for our children. Creative Kids is an award-winning charity that gives children free [...]

Thrive  – A family session

Hearts open when all co-create the soundscape together – with singing and drumming, chanting and dancing. ‘Thrive’ workshops are the unique original blend of Magdalena’s [...]

ContaKids – Children & Parents

ContaKids – Children & Parents ContaKids is a movement and contact experience for children and parents rooted in the celebration of play and joy. It is a unique approach that utilises [...]


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