Whats on at Colourfest 2020

Listen to the hearts deepest calling.

Be quiet.  Feel where life is moving.

We have gathered another wonderful program

full of amazing offerings.

What’s On

With many more still being confirmed

Kim Roswitha – Into Your Heart

Kim Roswitha, founder of Into your heart retreats, is an adventurous open-minded and open-hearted dutch woman, who lives in Southern Spain. She offers retreats focused on awareness and personal [...]

Essence and Mystery

Mixed group Movement meditation (2hrs) Become conscious of the flow of Nature and your connection to the sacred life force in your body and in the land. Becoming aware that, at any moment, we may [...]

Healing with Sacred Sounds

. . In the Deep Relaxation Space Ammaprema Grace will be offering some deep relaxation sessions with very gentle Sacred Sounds. She works with Her Gong, Tibetan and Crystal bowls and Solfeggio [...]

Alexander Workshops

These interactive workshops will demonstrate how the Alexander Work can really affect the way you move, think and feel. Improve posture, release tension, relieve stress, and enhance your yoga [...]

Soft Power Wisdom Oracling

Colourfest 2020 workshops Katinka Soetens Women’s Sacred Space workshop: Soft Power Wisdom oracling. (2 hours): Women only In this Soft Power Wisdom oracling workshop, we will connect to the [...]

Limbic Imprint ReCoding Meditation

Colourfest welcomes Barbara and Michal who will be offering two sessions ab this years event.  These will be a deep dive in 3 hour sessions. Limbic Imprint ReCoding Meditation – a signature [...]

Awaken & Nourish Your Empowered Voice

‘Transform the fears you hold around your voice and join me in a gentle and playful exploration of the power, fragility, beauty, wildness and creative individuality of our voices.’ Tallulah [...]

Fool Expression Workshop

Fool Expression Workshop with Christie Dehoux Do you long for more play and authenticity? Are you ready to access more aspects of yourself? Are you ready for more inspiration in your life? The [...]


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