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Katinka Soetens is a Ceremonialist of the Goddess and co-organiser of The Goddess Conference, Priestess of Avalon and a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. She works internationally, teaching empowerment through Goddess ceremonies, trainings and workshops to honour the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of Avalon and the European lands. She runs the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon training for the Magdalene Mystery School in the UK and in other European countries. She also teaches a yearlong men’s soul quest journey: Path of the Lover – Brotherhood of Rhiannon.
Director and creator of Her Path of Love Ltd, as Priestess, Katinka facilitates healing of the wounding between the masculine and feminine through embodying Goddess in workshops, trainings and individual and couple sessions. Katinka works with movement, shadow hunting, touch, breath, sound, intimacy, embodiment and meditation and writes a regular newsletter. Particularly interested in the sacredness of love, the wisdom of the body and the healing power of initiation, forgiveness and opening the heart; Katinka facilitates sacred intimacy as a Priestess and sexual healer. Her website is

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A 2 hour workshop
‘Full Desire’; Authenticity and Aliveness

A ceremonial workshop space to explore becoming conscious of the flow of Nature and your connection to the sacred life force in your body and in the land.

Where do we come from, what part of us asks to express, or is afraid to be seen? What moves us to connection and how do we choose to engage while maintaining healthy boundaries and a sense of self?
Find practices to enhance and strengthen your essence and explore the flame of desire and the shadow of your wounding patterns.
Learn how to create a sacred space to enjoy healthy boundaries while celebrating our aliveness and the dance of life connecting and manifesting through and within you.

A 2hour workshop
‘Full Desire’; King and Queen

A ceremonial workshop space to explore the archetype of the inner King and Queen.

Connecting deeply to the truth of our body, we will meet the archetype of the inner Queen and King, who teaches self responsibility and honesty, the owning of projections and needs, and true honouring of our full desire. With Essence Dance journey and sacred breath practices to merge apparent opposites.

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